Smol and mismatched

* I have made a few entries within recent months about my life as a "little" as it is something that brings me much joy. I will always try to put definitions to relevant words 🥰😘 I would post more thoroughly about it if I thought it was wanted information. Like all people with odd... Continue Reading →

Teen dream Age Play

I get paranoid that I gross people out with my strange side and then get surprised with positive comments. So, I am going to keep pushing the envelope until I find the sweet spot. Eventually anything DD/lg and age play will have its own tab on my website. FOREWARNING, THE STORY BELOW IS CENTERED AROUND... Continue Reading →

The Persona Breakdown Intro

Like all women, I have multiple personalities. *Not literally or diagnosed FYI* I enjoy being versatile and exploring different sides of myself and letting you explore yours free without judgement. We wear a mask everyday when we go to work, when we are in uncomfortable situations and in most cases we have it on with... Continue Reading →

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