Smol and mismatched

* I have made a few entries within recent months about my life as a "little" as it is something that brings me much joy. I will always try to put definitions to relevant words 🥰😘 I would post more thoroughly about it if I thought it was wanted information. Like all people with odd... Continue Reading →

The Persona Breakdown Intro

Like all women, I have multiple personalities. *Not literally or diagnosed FYI* I enjoy being versatile and exploring different sides of myself and letting you explore yours free without judgement. We wear a mask everyday when we go to work, when we are in uncomfortable situations and in most cases we have it on with... Continue Reading →

Pretty little Doll PT 1

It's the same feeling every time I walk up to a friend's door, no matter how many times I have been there before, the "butterflies" never go away. Stand up straight, silence phone, breathe, don't die and most important smile without looking crazy. There is also the matter of carrying whatever you need while seemingly... Continue Reading →

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