When Sir came to visit

All week I had been digging myself in a hole with Sir. My bratty side wanted to poke him like a grumpy bear just to see what he would do. His reactions were always so hard to gauge, maybe he knew my brat side needed to play off of his reactions. My common sense was... Continue Reading →

Smol and mismatched

* I have made a few entries within recent months about my life as a "little" as it is something that brings me much joy. I will always try to put definitions to relevant words 🥰😘 I would post more thoroughly about it if I thought it was wanted information. Like all people with odd... Continue Reading →

XXX From the breeder view

Normally I do not jump right into my topic, but no woman can honestly say they do not love the feeling of a man cumming inside of her. The reasons behind that are what is different for each person. The stimulation of hot cum unloading on my g-spot is one thing and letting the primal... Continue Reading →

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