When Sir came to visit

All week I had been digging myself in a hole with Sir. My bratty side wanted to poke him like a grumpy bear just to see what he would do. His reactions were always so hard to gauge, maybe he knew my brat side needed to play off of his reactions. My common sense was telling me to knock it off but you know what they say about “common” sense, it ignored every “Turn back now” sign, and just kept on poking.  There is just something about his demeanor that makes me wanna do it that much more.  

However, it really was a rough mental week. He assured me our tryst would be mind blowing and he seemed to be in a really good mood. Back to being excited. Both of us had built up tension and we had planned on using eachother to unwind.

He enjoys classic lingerie and stockings are always on for him ðŸ˜˜ One small pain in the ass thing…I did not have the non-elastic top set. That may be speaking Latin to some of you but with the elastic top, it becomes extremely difficult if even possible to attach the standard garter. I improvise by just tucking them in and carrying on getting ready.  The guy who invented the garter clip must have had a nice life.  

Did all the usual things on my checklist. When he arrives in the parking lot I pour his whiskey and pull a bottle of Perrier from the fridge and set them on the coffee table. I love having those things ready for him. Pop the lock on the door and wait for him to swiftly walk in as usual with a smile. 

I cannot recall most of what happened..here is what keeps replaying in my head. 

(Sir)”Fix your garters” he says casually as if I hadn’t noticed the silly mistake. I knew I should have taken the extra time to fix that. I knew it was gonna bite me in the ass. 

Me being the brat I am I decided to say “NO”. Just to see what would happen. He paused as if to give me a moment to reconsider my actions. 

“Fix your garters,” He said in a low convincing voice 

In my mind, I want to be Good and Obedient but apparently, that side of me was in the backseat telling me to hit the brakes while the Brat side of me drove the car. I said “no” again as I plopped down on the couch as if I had won (knowing damn well nothing has started) and took a sip of my whiskey. 

He let out a sigh. Here I was being another difficult part of his day. 
I recall seeing him unbutton his cuffs and start to move up his sleeve and my inner self was dancing.  

 He moved to sit in the chair across the room. He seemed to be in his mode and already knew he had the upper hand.  Sir never raises his voice, he knows he doesn’t have to.

 During this whole interaction, he has stayed on the other side of the room.  His expectations were already stated and he was going to wait for me to come to him. 

“Fix your garters and I will tell you XYZ” he said calmly

😫 FUUCCKKK! I was NOT planning on him having bargaining material. Now I am at a crossroads. I can be good and submit to get something I want. Or I can be defiant and not get what I want. It seems like an easy choice but there is that small part of me that really wanted to see where I could drive this car. 

*****TIP***The brat in me wants to “drive the car”. If you let me drive the car, the tracks will be all over you. Then ill call you a bitch after for letting me do it. ****

He places a pillow on the floor in front of the chair and instinctually I kneel. I had now given in. I was hanging on to his every word as if this was the most important storytime I was going to hear. Between the perfect lighting, his tone, and being on my knees in front of him was making me slowly float away. When the voice starts to drown out and the only thing I am aware of is his tone. If I give in to myself at this moment then I miss out on this gem that was never offered before. This was a struggle since I have almost no willpower with him to begin with. I struggled to the last word and instantly let go. 

Next, I remember being blindfolded, standing facing the wall. I could hear him behind me but was not close enough to touch. I could feel his crop tracing down my spine, hear his breathing, feel myself getting wetter by the second, and could see nothing. If I turned my head to the side, he turned it back forward. The brat side wanted to play with that. He knew how to get the inner brat to go sit down before she could interject.  All it took was a minor correction and I was gone again LOL 

He also had a stuffie hiding in his bag 😍and he bundled me up in my fav soft fur blanket.

It trips me out when I cannot recall the majority of the session but all that means is I felt safe enough to check out. Every interaction is different and very much in tune with my personal self so you are going to get what you put in. 

If you want me to submit and I’m being difficult then there is a reason or it just means I am seeing how much wiggle room I have for being bad. 

Thanks for Reading!
This was more of an educational POV with someone that I trust. Any and All experiences require consent. Goals and Expectations should be set before. Bondage is not allowed for new friends. No metal implements of any kind (handcuffs/metal sensory tools etc). 

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