Smol and mismatched


I have made a few entries within recent months about my life as a “little” as it is something that brings me much joy.

I will always try to put definitions to relevant words 🥰😘

I would post more thoroughly about it if I thought it was wanted information. Like all people with odd lifestyle choices, there is anxiety about being blunt about that part of my life. There is a certain shame that comes along with asking for what you really want.

Although it is not something I advertise as a service, it has been lightly appearing on my OnlyFans.

*Little– someone who participates in age regression, intentionally or not. Each person is different and may have a specific age range (or not) and enjoy different activities that can be playful or sexual.


Like others that have shared this interest, it was found through the recovery of personal trauma. It seemed safer to be in a whimsical world based on a happy time in my life but with the added benefit of having adult money so I can buy cute stuff. Or at least use the bank of D-A-D-D-Y to buy the cute stuff. Sometimes bank looks like the word “c-a-s-h-a-p-p” (housekeepingdfw)

I love when people try to appeal to my little side, it shows acceptance even when you lack understanding.

When I am by myself and in little space I do very simple things like coloring, playing with my stuffies or playing dress up. I may or may not have a big build a bear collection…psst I need ALL the B.A.B. stuff (including the couch)

*littlespace– in the mindset of being smol (needs help, may be non-verbal, plays etc)

Caregiver*– a person who enjoys taking care of a little. (Could be sexual or not)


“I admit, if he would have told me from the beginning, I would have most likely passed.”

There was once where the shoe was on the other foot. A gentleman pulled up my shirt and called me “mommy”, that was truly a first. I am a professional and total badass, so I handled it beautifully, but it was totally backward for me.

I admit that if he would have told me from the beginning, I would most likely have passed, but turned out enjoying the visit. My nipples are big fans of attention, so certain aspects just worked for me but i’m used to being the baby 🤣

I will take the hypocrite trophy in hot pink please. I admit that I would happily see momma’s boy again even though it wasn’t natural for me. I loved how I was able to meet him on his playground. Due to the intense nature of what happened, it will not be talked about in detail at this time. Maybe one day. I am still building up my confidence to talk so blunty about such a taboo topic.

Yes. A topic that makes me bashful

So why did I bring it up? This was an extreme taboo moment where I was able to truly connect with someone on a deep level. This person felt like they could not share this strong desire with their spouse, but they could share it with me.

Hehe I’m spoiled

That idea is what makes me truly love what I do, I have been in that lonely place. I would never want any person to feel unloved because of something they crave. More than a few people have met me on my playing field, and my gratitude is more than I could ever express.

I have also had times where i felt rejected, ashamed and a total freak. I have plenty of days like that, usually my biggest tormentor being myself. I would NEVER do that to someone.

I’ve been taken to Build-A-bear on a few occasions and collaborated a new friend for my bed. I love these but I am a fan of all SOFT stuffies.

How to bring this up with me? You can always share that with me or if you are too shy, bring me a new stuffie on the way over! The TY beanie boos you find at 711 are so adorable!

If it’s not your thing, really do not worry about it. I am very capable of being my sultry GFE self ♡

Thank you for being so supportive and letting me be my true weird self. ♡♡♡ it is one of the greatest gifts I have ever gotten.

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