The idea of the perfect arrangement and who we can blame.

This post was obviously inspired from the silly things people say but you may learn something new.

Think about the first arrangement you saw featured in a movie, it was outrageous, right? We all watched Julia Roberts and Richard Gere play out a fantasy that created unrealistic expectations. His character gives her a whopping $3000 for the week to be on his arm, let’s not forget the beautiful suite, dinners, clothes, accessories and salon/spa trips. I do not even want to know.

Fun Fact: Julia Roberts was the first female actress to get paid 20 million with her role in Erin Brockovich. She made 300,000 for her role in Pretty Woman while Richard Gere was paid millions. She has been in over 45 movies and even been made into an adorable POP that of course is on my Wishlist

I have never been in that kind of arrangement and probably never will. I’m cool with it. Moving on.


The perfect arrangement is one that is never discussed.

When out in public and you see an older guy with a younger gal, you’re more likely to think sugar baby and not grandbaby. sites like advertise they can get you young hard bodies that want to be spoiled. Those same sites promise ladies that they will find the Richard Gere of their dreams, looks and wallet included.

I can say that my personal experience with these sites that the men on those sites are really “splenda daddies” that figure they will have better luck in the dating field if women think they are loaded and all they will have to do to get laid is give her $20 for gas. I can clock these imposters a mile away.

Men hate that woman want benefits; women complain about men constantly wanting sex. Connect the dots and I promise you will not be disappointed. Ever had sparkly jewelry sex? Or fancy purse sex? It is magical, it is embedded in our DNA to want stuff. Don’t believe me, try it? preferably on me but it would earn you brownie points with the Mrs. if it were her.

On to the next big point, why would someone choose this route? You have no idea how many times I have heard men say “I will not pay for sex” but darling, you’re paying, no matter what direction you choose. Dinner, movies, whatever other prep goes into dates, it’s not cheap. Just to note, being all pretty for a date is not cheap (paws + claws is $80) #beautyindustryisasham

Pending how often you hobby and your variety preferences. It may be less expensive by having an arrangement. The American workaholic has been a longtime fan of these to avoid relationships and anything else that could get in the way of work. You pay upfront to skip the dating game. I hold zero judgement and as I say, my favorite flavor is married.

I hold zero judgement and as I say, my favorite flavor is Married.

Before these examples, please know that I understand that you work hard for your paycheck, and I do not take that lightly. I am perfectly aware that it’s a ton of cash. Here is my promise that I will never ever promote myself to $500 per hour.

We will build an example. We will name my regular Jerry. Say jerry sees me weekly, that’s $1000/month. However, if we see each other like clockwork and he isn’t a pain in the ass, it’s a sweet deal to have that guaranteed $800/month. At this point jerry has a negotiation card for more visits/time at a lower rate. 🤣

I almost feel as though I should go deeper into what is considered a pain in the ass. I will throw one quick one out there. If you have a 60 min visit and passively hump away for 59min. Now I have to give the story LOL. I once had a regular who would no joke, set a timer on his watch. He would strip down with zero emotion (no kissing) and mechanically have me ride him until his timer went off. He trained his body to not get off until 59 min, seemingly on command. He barely looked at me and honestly, I made a ton of faces at him. Eventually I stopped seeing him. Sometimes I love being on top when I can do a slow grind but not for 59 minutes. He was a well-known pain in the ass. He was most likely practicing tantric stuff but no thank you.

*BLUNT WARNING* Men that ask for arrangements but want it one sided. Here is how I see it, you give your wife security, love and affection, right? I’m the one giving you what you want. It makes no sense for me to screw a married men and have zero benefits whatsoever. It sounds cruel but its truth. I don’t do it for my health 🤣🤣🤣

It makes no sense for me to screw married men and have zero benefits. It sounds cruel but it’s the truth.

As always, another gold sticker if you made it this far. Sometimes I will work on a post on and off over the course of a week and it turns into a mini novel. I have been doing great at updating my free onlyfans page, if you have not checked it out yet.

My Wishlist is constantly being added to LOL is now active!!!! If we have met within recent time, I am happy to send a referral. Its looking to be a great community where everyone is verified, and you hold accountability for who you refer.

Thank you!!!

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