Teen dream Age Play

I get paranoid that I gross people out with my strange side and then get surprised with positive comments. So, I am going to keep pushing the envelope until I find the sweet spot. Eventually anything DD/lg and age play will have its own tab on my website.


“Daddy, I need your help with my math homework”

…No one was home, so I went to my room to drop my stuff off and take off the evil cage better known as A bra. Grabbed my textbook, notebook and pencil and went to take over the living room.

I’m most comfortable being stretched out on the carpet when trying to focus. I get comfortable in the strangest of places.

“I made sure I would get his attention by raising my ass to give him an upskirt view. “

It was going smoothly until i got halfway through the assignment and got stuck on the last few questions. Lucky for me, the garage door was opening and that meant my math genius daddy was home.

I made sure I would get his attention by raising my ass to give him an upskirt view. I knew he would like to see that as soon as he walked in the door. I liked being able to get his attention by being naughty.

The door that goes from the garage to the kitchen opened and he had a look of surprise seeing me on the floor instead of my room that he called “The cave.”. He stood there for a moment, scanning me. He goes to the kitchen to put things away, asking the usual questions about my day.

As I am telling him about how the math book trying to torture me, I spread my knees apart so that it pushes my ass in the air just a little bit more.

“I could tell he almost instantly noticed my hard nipples…”

He walks over and i can feel him behind me and in my mind, I wish he would drop to his knees and pull my ass to his face. Instead, he says for me to join him on the sofa. I lean back onto my knees feeling my heel on my lower butt cheeks. He reached out his left hand to help me up and my heart raced as his right hand touched my waist.

I could tell he almost instantly noticed my hard nipples and his finger traced from my hip to my right nipple. I could feel myself getting wet. Sadly, I had other obligations and we pretended like nothing happened.

We sat on the sofa, snuggled up together with my math book, homework was the last thing I was thinking about. My mind wanted him to touch me even though i knew it was wrong. He said that I needed to take a break from my book to let my mind relax.

“Your right daddy” as I set my stuff on the coffee table, maybe I had been too focused and needed to pull back a little and then look at it with fresh eyes. I picked up one of those beauty/fashion magazines that mom leaves all over the house and kicked back. The only noise was the TV playing something that neither one of us was paying attention to, I’m pretty sure I was just pretending to read the page in front of me.

“His fingers traveled across my body”

He smiled and reached his arms over, wrapping them around my waist and he pulls me over onto his lap. He was tickling me in the process causing me to wiggle on top of him, his fingers traveled across my body as I giggled.

I could feel his cock getting hard, I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I let him take the lead. His hands slowed down and started to caress my upper thigh. We both took a pause, and he says “We should get back to your homework. I disappointingly agree and scoot down to the floor so I could work on the coffee table.

He was sitting behind me helping me get through the rest of this assignment and playing with my hair. Every few minutes I would feel a finger or two graze the sensitive curve of my neck and it would send shivers down my spine. With each question I finish, his caress would travel. Each touch having an electrical effect making this take more difficult. His touch wandered under my arms and over my shirt to explore my bra-less chest. I could feel myself getting dripping wet. He was groping my tits passively and occasionally stopping to play with one of my nipples while staying completely focused on helping me.

I hope you liked this story; it’s been rolling around on my drafts page with a crazy number of edits. A Taboo lifestyle is necessary to have a colorful escape of stressful reality. I have a seriously busy life and need outlets that keep life exciting. This blog is a huge outlet for me and gives me the ability to speak to my tribe *kisses*

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Anastasia Black

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