10 random Facts about me.

Hey everyone! This is a super random list to further humanize me. Always feel free to also send me your list. You’re a human and I love being able to connect with people.

1.) I am a skillful hula hooper (Huge 36′ hoop) – One day I was driving through Arlington on the way to a tattoo shop and saw a beautiful woman hula hooping out front. That became a huge hobby for me, I recorded my progress on YouTube and still hoop today.

2.) I was raised by two extremely liberal moms and my one conservative father. I was being brought to pride events as a young child and experiencing the world of protest, marches and change. I try working with social causes that I care about which are typically human rights as a whole.

3.) Photography and writing are my passions; however, I grew up with a father that repeated “Don’t waste time on an art degree”. I know I could do wonders with an art degree, but I am currently working towards a business degree in marketing. I believe education is so important, we should always strive to further ourselves and not just for paper.

4.) My addiction to sex ruined my life but led me to the hobby in 2009. After doing so, sex has not interrupted my personal life since. Example being sleeping with every boss I had, HR was not my biggest fan.

5.) I am a foodie, there is no shame in my food game, and I have zero interest in being a toothpick. Love my chub HAHA! I’m not a BBW but I am not a spinner. I would love to add food photography into my routine but no clue where to start, maybe start with pictures of food. (Please sense my sarcasm). I have been taken to some of the most beautiful restaurants in DFW including Warsaw, The Wicked Butcher and Piolas. Whiskey cake in Las Colinas is to die for.

6.) I would love to say I am cultured and well-traveled, but I am your typical dumb American. I have not traveled due to family obligations and not sure I ever would. I know that if I go somewhere beautiful, the chance of me returning would be slim. I can speak snippets of French and Spanish but not enough to sound intelligent lol

7.) My mother’s ashes were mixed into my tattoo ink so I can always carry her with me, and I try to get another one every year on her birthday. I ended up skipping since covid

8.) Weirdest places I have had sex include a hammock, a hospital and a sleep study office. Weirdest hobby moment was giving a guy a Bj while his wife was in the living room, she was cool with it. Dont forget I broke a toe mid-fuck earlier this year.

9.) I am the world’s worst gold digger. I like money but it doesn’t control my life, my bills are paid and then I buy POP figures/collectible toys. Would I want to be whisked away to an easier life? sure. Am I going to actively seek a “target”? no.

10.) I practice yoga a few times a week to keep myself limber; it does bring me peace. Sacred Soul yoga is a great studio in NRH although currently I am practicing at school (college is a blast). I think it would cool to teach down the road.

Bonus! —-I can’t lie about orgasms. My legs either shake or don’t. Sometimes the leg shakes starts when I have a cock in my mouth.

As usual. congratulations if you made it this far. Sometimes I am only writing to put more letters on the internet LOL and to give you updates of course so you can feel more connected on a personal level.

If you are wanting to find more info on me, please check out my LinkTree where you will find my OnlyFans, photography page, reviews and Amazon Wishlist

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