Smol Kittens Corner

Kittens Corner

Because I am that much of a dork, Isn’t it cute?

I love whimsical coloring books that have simple quick designs like hello kitty, little space me does not have the patience for mandala designs. I also love to color when I’m overwhelmed. I love how he knows that and doesn’t give me crap about it.

My bedroom would make you think that a girl who was between 12-15 lives in it, its decorated in bright colors with all of my collectable toys and girly crap. I need a better shelving solution for my pop figures and maybe one of those nets for my stuffies that are everywhere. However, only the most special bears share my bed with me and currently those are my build-a-bears: Cardi, Pawlette and Sam

WARNING: DD/lg mini story ahead.

I want all of your attention


“Yes Babygirl.”

“Im bored”

“Go color something pretty, you know daddy is working right now”

He was on the phone doing boring daddy things, not paying attention to me (I know). I made a plan to go distract him from work since I am evil like that. I figured it would be hard to pay attention to anything else when you have a distraction as adorable as me.

Do you wanna know what I did after that?

I was sitting there trying to figure out how to get daddy’s attention, I used one finger and pushed a blue pencil off the other side of the table. “Oh no, my pencil!”

With the wide size of the coffee table, it would be much easier to go under the table to retrieve my pencil. I made sure to exaggerate my movements as much as possible, so my ass lifted in the air and my knees were apart exposing my hot pink underwear. This HAS to get his attention.

I knew he noticed immediately after I did it and it was an only matter of seconds before I felt him against me. His hardening cock pressing against one cheek with a firm grip on the other. I knew I had him wrapped around my finger and he would stop everything to play with me. Just like I want.

I tried to slink out from under the table in a sexy way pressing ass against on his cock.

Oh snap! I’m stuck.

He chuckled knowing he had me pinned between his body and the coffee table with my only other option being the floor beneath me. I was trying to get what I wanted and realized, I was exactly where he could do anything he wanted to me.

This is me dipping my toes in to see reactions. I might post the naughty parts on my OnlyFans..

Would you want the story to continue? Let me know!

I have also considered adding a page that will be called Kittens Corner, a place that I will be allowed to be my smol self. If it’s not for you, then just ignore the page. Pending content ideas, it may be another site all together; I shouldn’t feel like I am hiding out in the back room of a blockbuster. I totally understand what creeps’ people out about it, and I am always open to questions. You might be surprised what you learn.

There are differences between DD/lg and little space. They can also overlap. Please refer to “The smol edition” that is stickied to the top of my blog or further explanation

Due to the sensitive subject, I may refer to ages as “xx” so you can place any age in place that you’re comfortable with. Please note that I am talking about role play between two consenting adults involving age play. I do not condone acts with minors.

Learn what Freud had to say about age regression by clicking here

Click here to find out why people like DD/LG

Things I love in Littlespace

  • Soft stuffies
  • sensory toys like pop its, bubbles and coloring
  • Bubble baths
  • Adorable outfits
  • My hair brushed.

*Ask me about Hot DD/lg Scenarios*

Shame does not exist here

I love how I can be myself here, this is my playground after all.

Thank you for reading!

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