5 Ways to regain your Sexual dominance

Something I hear often is “I wish my wife was more submissive”

Why is she not submissive to you? Is she ruthlessly independent, a dominant female or does she straight up not respect you? Before you get puffy… a woman will only submit to someone who makes her feel secure enough to do so. You may have access to her body but not her respect.

In my daily life, I am very much a take charge lady but in the bedroom, I want a man to be a man.

I crave to submit as I am a woman that loves to be of service but that is not simply hand over. I love having independence but, in the bedroom, I prefer my partner to assert his primal dominance. This is where you see human instincts take over (that shit is HOT!) no matter age or body type, this is when men are at their most attractive.

I focus on men’s bodily reactions (obvious and not) and play on that, that sounds like common sense, but nonverbal communication still confuses some. Your mission at this point is find all the spots and alternate pressing buttons as much as you like to “break” your partner. This is not as scary as it sounds.

I mean breaking the one sided “no” cycle. Not that I am trying to make myself obsolete but to be of service 😉 However I do find it sad that women get to use sex as a weapon (*cough*) and think that men should be aware of the appropriate battle tactics that can be used.

Let’s walk through a few scenarios…

1.) You in bed with your wife, your touch her hip, she quickly says “not tonight”.

Try scooting closer where your bodies are up against each other, take a deep breath (important) then you whisper, “I’ve been thinking about you all day and if I don’t have you right now, I will lose my mind.”

Sound crazy? We like crazy. Intensity. Passion.

Deep breath implies contemplation as if you are truly considering but rejecting in a sweet way. Think of it as objecting and making a counteroffer.

2.) I fidget a considerable amount; some may find that distracting. I also tend to scratch (whoops) or pull hair (not my fault) and sometimes I bite (I know I am bad)

All of those can be fixed. Pinning wrist is pretty fucking hot when done with correct pressure, especially when it’s over your head or down to my side. Pinning can also be done with pressure to the hips or taken an extra step with pinning her on her stomach with your arm wrapped around to her chest. Those solve scratching and limiting movement. Multiple things (tie, underwear, scarf, ball gags) serve as amazing gags if she is obnoxiously loud, bites or just needs her mouth closed.

3.) Take her in the middle of the day. Be spontaneous and show that you really want it and not taking no for an answer, assertive and sexy. I cannot stand when a guy gets comfortable, and the effort suddenly stops or the excitement ends. Keep it alive by actively showing what you want. Persistence can be cute. Freeuse is also my #1 porn search. We want independence but we also want to be yours.

4.) I wouldn’t mind if a guy sent me porn as an example of what he craves, and I mean the real stuff, like the stuff you would delete from your history out of embarrassment.

5.) Say EXACTLY what you want. It’s hot for everyone involved so it’s silly that we still are not communicating correctly. I’ve learned that the dumber I feel saying it, the hotter it sounds. A guy being verbal is also Hot. A guy telling me to get on my knees and stick my tongue is way hotter than a barely-there reaction.

These may sound like asshole tips, but I promise you that if you have any kind of finesse, you will not come off as an asshole but instead look like a passion driven guy that finds his lady irresistible as he should. Your first few encounters (and every other) should be sweet but after that, it’s a game to keep one’s attention.

As a woman, here are my unrealistic tips-

-Know what I’m thinking all the time.

-Don’t ask. Bring food and know what kind and how I like it.

-One day randomly out of nowhere ask if I’m ok bc I’m getting skinny…promise this is GOLD

-Bringing ME stuffies and dick is ALWAYS a good idea.

To the few that are in complete control of their sexual prowess, you deserve a trophy as I am not even in total control of myself.

For example, Sir can get me riled up to a ball of soaked frustration and simply walk away to get a drink, this drives me insane. I love when he is in total control but drives me crazy that he HAS total control. I have zero worries when I let him have total ownership of my body during our time together because I respect and trust him. I also know better than to get on his bad side as he acts quickly and with a heavy palm. He obviously earned that.

Yes, I want to be an equal but not in the bedroom, behind closed doors I would rather be your therapeutic escape. I trust you to lead me to your pleasure, almost like a sexy robot that you programmed yourself LOL

If you made it this far, I love you.

I have been trying to get back into my writing groove and think my guys are the most wonderful patient supportive guys out there. My amazon list got so much love for my birthday, and you have no idea how cool that was. I continue to add stuff all the time when I get bored and love when a random box shows up at my door, my inner “little” loses her shit with the collectible toys.

I am taking summer classes because there is no rest for the wicked. Luckily for me, its 13 credits spread out over the summer and not all at the same time, I’ll take a break next summer. I start back on 5/31 Monday-Thursday so my availability will move to weekends.

I am still doing cosplay, focusing more on Wonder Woman since good costume pieces are expensive AF. I’m still trying to find affordable shoes, shield and headband that go with my version of WW. I would like to play with the vintage version as well as Megara from Hercules or Miss Peregrine.


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