Just a Refresh

Everyone is here for some reason, and it is not the reason that you’re going to assume. If it was as simple as getting off, I am sure you would save yourself the cash. However, to a lot of people, it is a well worth exchange. The trick to the game is for it to not feel like a transaction and to be as natural as possible. This is where you imagine me sitting at the giant table that you see in a corporate office teaching a class of newbie chicks.

I have mentioned before that I excel at this because like you, there are areas in my life that are lacking. It is painful. As humans, we are meant for human touch and interaction. It should also be considered a right to explore wherever your mind is trying to take you.

Our lives do not always allow us to do whatever we want.

That sucks.

We are whatever makes your universe perfect at that time

“Its bliss to be what you crave.”

I love being of service and not only in a submissive way but being the one that gives you what don’t get at home is fulfilling for me in some screwed up way. I am the keeper of many secrets and that is worth more to me than you can imagine.

I love when I can feel a man’s intentions through his hands, do you know what I am talking about? Think when my body is pressed against yours and we kiss deeply. You grab my body with true intention, and it makes me tingle, it is almost primal.

To be the person that gets that side of you is magical to me. In that moment, I am yours and you are mine. I may be thinking further screwed up thoughts in my head LOL that damn breed kink that has to stay where it is. I’ve explained it before, and it is just hot.

I know I speak more towards the taboo topics but believe me when I say that I am still a true GFE with a down to earth chill attitude. I sometimes think of it as traveling through other people realities, trippy right? I love my life.

Whatever our connection is, its genuine.

What makes me different? I want to know you. I love what I do, and I am also amazing at it. A cock in my mouth is my happy place “Free use” is also commonly found in my search history.

Why am I lacking? I have always dreamed of having a romantic life (with the kids, husband, dogs etc) and while I did not get that, A girl can still fantasize. I sleep alone and wake up alone, it’s the life I chose to have financial security. I get to make up for that by having kinky guilt free taboo sex, its a fair trade.

What do I love about what I do? I love the different relationships/kinks I form with different people; it essentially makes me polyamorous with benefits. Also I kinda dig the stranger aspect of it #slutlife.

How do I book with you? All visits start with screening, the best way to start is to message me where you noticed me (ECCIE/P411 etc). I am very selective about who I spend my time with since all of my visits are genuine. Always state your kinks upfront (if any), its just to save time if we are not a match.

*Kinks not required*

Here is the Link that will take you to all of my links including my photography, reviews, Onlyfans and wishlist.

Got a story idea? Send it to my email Ladyanastasia700@anastasiablackdfw

I also love getting dick pics on Snapchat at LadyanastasiaB

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