A little hello…

May 19th Outcall Available

May 20th Outcall Available

May 21 Outcall Available

I go back to class May 31st, luckily my classes are mainly in the morning and that is just in time to have a naughty lunch break.

School books get pricey LOL…no seriously. They are stupid expensive for digital books.

Amon Carter Museum

I have been enjoying a much-needed break, its important as a sex worker to be able to center myself to feel like a human. I spent a ton of time at museums, went on dates and spying on the world through a lens.

I photographed local events, I even dressed up as Wonder Woman for the Womens Rights Protest that happened in Downtown Fort Worth. It wasn’t crazy but a beautiful mix of multiple generations of women. I love photography but it’s hard to accept that I will most likely never be noticed since I’m a chick in a male dominated industry.

I was asked a question about alternate payment, and I thought I would touch on that briefly.

I have had some that find it easier to hide shopping on Amazon and I am not against doing an arrangement as long as the value exchange is equal. Example being tablet + pop figure=$250

Obviously, this has to be discussed and agreed on. Please do not lowball me lol One guy asked if 2 “collector limited edition” pops would work. I don’t think he thought I would check or know what I am talking about. I could buy both figures at a place down the street for $30. HAHA don’t try me

You can check out my Amazon list to get an idea.

I’m not saying I don’t like cash. I love cash. Cash gets me wet.

Gift Cards Also work if the place is right…I wouldn’t mind spending $250 at Build a Bear (easy) or Target (i know!) but not interested in spending that much at Old navy or Hot Topic.

We would ALL love Gas cards at this moment but not feeling the “fucking for gas” vibe LOL

Thank you guys so much for your patience! Stress has been a real thing so I have been focusing on my art which makes my world a whole lot brighter. Some days I get in my head about the strong single female thing, its something I love and hate all at the same time. On a daily basis I see the after math of what happens when women stop tending to their man. I also frequently see women that take advantage of their lifestyle and the wonderful men they married. Its simply Not…Fucking….Fair.

I love being independent, but I also want to feel loved and needed. I traded true romance for the life I live and sometimes I feel it on multiple levels. Being a mistress is great but sometimes I dream of family vacations, a decorative mailbox and arguing about paint colors. Instead, I have what I have and I am GRATEFUL that this industry has not turned me cold. I am also grateful that I get the sexy side that your wife ignores.

Not meant to be depressive, just to let you know what has been going on in Ana land.

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