How is it May already?!

I swear it was just Christmas and now its quickly turned into finals week. In that statement is good news, I will be out of class until 5/31 (no real rest for the wicked or determined).

So, for a little over 3 weeks I will have a more open schedule with incall opportunity and hopefully more time to write and I would like to visit a nudist beach so I can get an all over tan. Much love for everyone that checked in on me. I used to wonder if anyone would notice me if I was missing, I now have my answer.

Luckily a yoga class is included in my 13 credit hours I am taking over the summer. The rest are literature and business principles. I run myself dead tired so I can maybe get to UTA one day.

The hobby has made all of this possible. Thank you, Guys!!

Photography is going great! With it being a male dominated atmosphere, it’s difficult to get any recognition as a female photographer although I know I do not need it. For my Bday, DD got me a new camera backpack to put all of my “Camera and Camera Accessories.” Did you hear hank hills voice when you read that? But seriously, I needed the backpack that is cushioned and sectioned for cameras. LOL Now I can feel like a dung beetle taking it all with me, everywhere.

My amazon list was given tons of love and I positive that I’m beyond spoiled AF. This is going to sound bad, but I love that it wasn’t all sex/lingerie based. Yes, I love to look sexy, but I (like all HUMANS) enjoy stimulation, tech, activities. I did receive a 3d diamond art set, I’ve always wanted to try one. Amazon boxes came with perfumes, lingerie, beautiful cards, camera accessories, build a bear gift card, pop figures, badass earrings, patches, camera coffee cup.

On my actual bday, I wanted it to be a chill evening. Pizza and Hulu but the Kids were not going to have that. We went to a festival/art installation in the Dallas arts district.

Sir took me to my fav bar. I love the way he looks when he is still in his work clothes. Attention: ALL men look amazing in business attire. I’m pretty sure this man could be mowing the lawn all day and still smell amazing. There was a study that showed if you are truly attracted to someone, their sweat does not stink to you. Are you thinking about if you think your spouse stinks?

Hobby world is still weird, but I am ok with that for now.

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