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As I am going deeper into the semester, I will be quieter but more available if that makes sense.

I am needing to be able to dedicate more time to homework and home stuff so being one person and only having 24 hours in a day, I have to put my attention where necessary. We are all aware how fast life can bury us.

So sadly, if it is not serving a direct purpose in my life, it has to go on the back burner. It’s not me taking a break at all, its me trying to accomplish goals. I may be quieter but it will be because my mouth is occupied.

I will be try to be available 3 days a week minimum for book signings.

Thinking I might try a hotel in the stockyards…hmmm

I will continue to post my availability at the top of my blog, twitter, p411

All these changes to the boards blow. Granted we still have P411 but not everyone has that. Private delights is another option with a similar system.

Here is my Private Delights Profile.

Here is my Tryst Profile

Here is where you can find ALL of my links.

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