My best Hobby Advice

At some point, everyone considers hiring a sex worker. I’m not sure what the statistics say about how many men will pay for sex but no matter how it is disguised, the transaction is still there. Sex workers range from exotic dancers, companions, massage girls and sugar babies.

Some guys are talented when it comes to dates, sometimes spending hundreds of dollars and still going home alone which is ok if you are genuinely trying to date that person and cultivate a loving relationship. However, most people go the sex worker route for a few reasons, the no strings attached being the biggest reason.

You would think since the exchange has been around for a really long time that there would be a set way of doing things or a instruction manual. Sadly, our country frowns upon what we do so it must remain hidden in plain sight.

When looking for a companion ask yourself, “What am I looking for?”

Is it about physical appearance or do you crave someone to click with?

Is this a One-time thing or looking for an arrangement?

Whats your hobby budget?

Choose your arena.

This is a great starting point for your hunt.

Strip club is the obviously one of the easiest places to start. You can go right in, watch and get to know the ladies. Warning, you are going to be spending big money for very little action. Some guys love the dance and tease aspect. Door fee + VIP + TIP + Overpriced drinks + $20 min/dance (some have 3 song minimum. Its highly recommended that you only bring in what you need. ID and Cash. Bring your credit card if you want to start a tab but that’s not smart.

the massage parlor is another good one since you can walk in with no screening, and they ask minimal questions. Most “massage” parlors are Asian with very little English skills, could be fun. This can be a hit or miss depending on how comfy they are with you. Most consider the first visit like screening where nothing happens. House fee + $200+ for services. A chunk of my reviews was at Anne Maries, I miss that place. The best tip is to NEVER let your stuff out of sight, take it room to room.

Agency can be another tricky one. There are legit fantastic agencies in DFW for men and women. This one is for elite models that travel internationally, A celebrity package STARTS at a cool $30,000. Here is another local agency that starts at $2500. Pimps will claim they are an agency. They are management and not an agency. They sound the same but totally different. You can spot a pimp ad a mile away. If it’s cheap and too good to be true, then it is.

*That $60 BJ looks tempting but it’s not worth your life*

Independent escorts work for themselves, manage their own business and keep their money. They do not answer to anyone leaving them completely in control of their schedule.

Independent arrangements are their own breed. This could look like a few things.

  • you might pay a bill(s) in exchange for time
  • A set weekly allowance for an agreed amount of time
  • any agreement where both parties benefit.

Booking Tips

  • READ the ad, it will (should) tell you how to get in contact. If anything, send a message where you saw her ad. If your already established in the community then you should have no problems. I’m more scared of dying than going to jail, I look fantastic in orange but let’s avoid that.
  • Don’t speak too detailed. It’s ok to give details but not to the point where it is sexting. If you want that then cash app me $20 or be on my good side by being a regular.
  • Don’t try to get me to say anything incriminating by discussing money or sexual acts. Reviews exist.
  • Remember you are dealing with another human that deserves respect.

Before your appt

  • Hygiene should be #1. I always offer a shower so I can rub my soapy body over yours.
  • Do the hair check. You know. I shape and trim my bush so that my personal preferences do not interfere with your experience.
  • Confirm with your provider the day before and when on the way. I love continuous convo when I can

Reminders for your appt

  • If your agreement is based on time, then be mindful of what time you should leave by.
  • Condoms will be involved, picky? bring your preferred brand (trojans are not allowed with me)
  • Follow parking instructions, she doesn’t want to drive you to the tow yard.
  • be respectful and fun, it’s a fantasy.

Please do not say these cringe worthy things.

  • “Oh c’mon, I’ll be your best regular if you let me “xyz”
  • “If you give me a discounted session, I’ll write an amazing review making you rich.”
  • “Do you have any specials?” I totally get it but ick. (umm I’m $500/3 hours thats a $250 discount)
  • “Are you open minded?” the new slang for bareback and not sexy.
  • “I’m going to write a bad review if blah blah blah” ….oh noooooo *sarcasm voice*
  • “I’m not verified; can my friend call you to verify me?” …the answer is no.

Things that will get you Blacklisted

It’s not a surprise that ladies have boards dedicated to our safety where we can safely post detailed info without being banned. Granted a lot of alerts on there are BS, its similar to filtering reviews so you have to pick and choose. Men that are listed several times are already blocked on my phone. Most escorts do this. You can seem super nice but if you have several alerts then red flags are obvious. As sex workers, we are targeted.

  • trying to stealth remove the condom
  • Leaving less than the agreed upon amount/ reversing electronic payments
  • Participating in harmful illegal activities (alcohol/420 is ok)
  • suspicious behavior like getting address and then ghosting.

The Follow up

  • I love sending a note after to let you know that I enjoyed you.
  • Follow ups are totally acceptable to keep in contact
  • Not looking for a boyfriend.
  • Reviews are great! Please be tasteful, how you write influences what could be my next client. I don’t mean what you say will change my fate. I mean if you write some hustler story that isn’t true, someone else will expect it. My blog can be my own personal review page and there are no moderators to stop me from posting whatever I want MUHAHAHHA *insert evil laugh*

Click here to learn more about me.

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