Pretty Little Doll PT 2

*Hence the title, this is a part 2. If you have not read part 1, be prepared for confusion. *

I anxiously waited for him to return; I am not sure where he went but he told me to “stay”. I always assume that I am being watched from another room, maybe he is dragging this out on purpose. The room was silent and all I could hear was the sound of my own breathe.

He comes back in the room holding a few hangers with complete outfits on them, I’m wondering what magical room he is bringing this stuff from. Pressing my palms into the dark red velvet blanket beneath me with my gaze still lowered, He holds his hand out in front of me. “Follow me Anya”. I grab his hand, step down and follow without question. It was back to the platform.

He slid the skirt off of me and carefully hung it back up on one of the hangers to the right of the platform. Leaving me layered in tightly laced black corset, black thong and thigh high stocking on top of the second skin crotchless bodysuit. He walked to the left side of the platform observing the options of the next pick. I see his eyes widen and a forming smirk. He comes to me and says one singular word “turn”, I do so and face the mirror. He starts undoing the laces of the corset and I feel it slip away from my body. He steps away and returns with a royal blue dress. Luckily it was a zero-fuss outfit that fit well, I am now convinced he has to be a tailor. Short, Low-cut neckline and sleeveless. It gave me the image of what “blank canvas” me looks like with no tattoos. Even with the thin bodysuit and dress, my nipples are still noticeable.

Image result for dark blue tank dress
Almost Identical ensemble

He watches me in the mirror. “Perfect” and once again extends his hand. I started to speak, and his quick reaction was “Do you know why men like pretty dolls?”

“Please tell me”

“They do what you want them to without speaking”

Something about the way he said it. He wasn’t being cryptic; he was telling me exactly what it was that he wanted. This is where men and women differ. A woman wants to take the long difficult route and a man will tell you what they want without hesitation. This is what was so glorious about what was happening, there was zero thinking required. With the different hats I must wear in a day, each thought is like a car on the autobahn zipping past as fast as showed up. It is a true vacation if I can make it slow down. I am putting zero thought besides places one foot in front of the other (I can fail miserably at this by tripping on air) and loving every second of this special surrender.

“This way” was the only thing he said as he turned and walked away. I followed him and assumed it would be back to the bedroom, but this was a different hallway to a completely different room. He paused in the doorway as to observe the room and ensure this was where he wanted to be. This was where all the buildup was leading up to. I was tingling with anticipation.

I follow him into the room trying to visually take it all in so maybe I would have a clue as to what was happening. I realized; it wasn’t relevant to know what was about to happen since I would find out soon enough.

“You spend too much time thinking” he says. I’m convinced at this point he can hear everything in my head, and he is just as annoyed with it as I am. Quieting my mind seemed to be an impossible task. I looked around the carefully arranged room and noticed one thing, this room was the only room that was not with the continuous red and black theme. This room was mainly purple.

Since everything was various shades of purple and black, my eyes were forced to one piece of furniture across the room. I could not really tell what it was but if I had to describe it, it would be a deep shadow box coffee table but with large holes.

“You like it?” he asked.

“I’m not sure what it is”

I could only find one image on the web that was similar to this odd piece of furniture. Small alterations but you get the picture.

See the source image

I think he enjoyed seeing my reactions to this box, if that’s what you want to call it.

“All pretty dolls start in a box.” he says with a smile.

Normally I would not be climbing into a box just because a strange man told me to. However, I decided to follow through on his request, to just be a pretty doll and stop this thinking nonsense. This box had the strangest ways to open, a few latches unlocked everything. In my blue dress and heels, I sat on the edge and scooted back.

I could tell this was his happy place.

I locked eyes with him. I knew he was in the driver’s seat, and he would do as he wanted, I was merely the body in his well-thought-out fantasy. The only plan I had was to fully give in.

He placed a hand on my chest and gently pushed back until I was lying flat. He grabbed my right wrist and attached it to a black restraint that was on the side and locked me into the left side as well. “Point your toes straight up”, my hips raised as my toes went up. He pulled up the bottom door. I am completely exposed and vulnerable to him. He took a long look at me completely helplessly bound and willing to be his perfect doll.

There is a difference between how a man is with a submissive female vs how he is with a sex doll. With the doll, he is only worried about his own pleasure, the way it should be. I love orgasms but what I love more is the look of driven desire on a man’s face and the way that feeling will flow all the way to his throbbing hard cock.

I see his hand moving to the right side of me and grabs the top piece. He smiles with reassurance that I am not about to die in a box with my pussy exposed to whoever walks up to it. He did not lock it; my hands were bound so there would be little I could do even if he did lock it. Would I even care? Probably not. This was more like thick clear plastic that was kind of fogged and scratched. It was hard to make a clear image out of anything and it did create a cool sound barrier. This made my sensory fantasies come alive.

Slow enough to feel his heartbeat through his cock and deep enough for me to feel every curve and vein. I’m not sure how much of me he could see, was seeing me even relevant?

He started to slow down. He opened the top and I hadn’t realized how hot it got in there until the cool breeze hit my face. He lowered the bottom door allowing me to sit up. He seemed to give me a moment to ground myself. It was a smooth transition from sitting to be on my knees, on the floor.

His hand is on my forehead tilting my head back, he taps my lips with his finger


He put the head of his cock in my mouth and released what had to be built up tension.

“Good Girl”

Thank you for reading!


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