The Persona Breakdown PT 4: Smol Edition

Smol Ana

Young Little Space/ Non Sexual

Smol Kitten

Things I enjoy in Little Space

-Coloring, Disney Pixar Movies

-Stuffies, Cuddles and story time

-Having my hair brushed

-Structure/ Praise

-Build a bear is awesome

Playful, sweet , snuggly. Can be a Smol Brat when I am not getting my way. This is how I choose to decompress in my private time, in a playful atmosphere with Cardi (my therapy bear). Its clear I’ve been through events, this is harmless therapy. My caregiver is someone who helps me process and I am grateful and doesn’t make me feel weird for it.

My fav age regression content maker

**no diapers or bottles**

I love that this is becoming more common. I go into build a bear and I guarantee you that I am not the only one there. Almost everyone that works there is a stuffie collector. When I went in there for my first bear, it was unbelievable joy. At first I thought I would end up with a million but those suckers are expensive. They even have a swarovski crystal build a bear. I tend to spend $30-$50 on Cardi’s clothes every time I go to the grapevine mills mall, some b.s. about having to get some for my kids too LOL. Its not about fancy bears though, I love ones I can keep in my bed that isn’t going to scratch my eye in my sleep.

Cardi has appeared in my TikTok videos and frequently leaves the house in my Awesome B.A.B backpack. To me, She is like a Support bear for my PTSD. People Do not seem to mind and I don’t care anyway. However she cant go to the fancy places where I have to Cosplay as a adult that has their shit together.

Me and Cardi Join Robby and Teddy for a celebration dance.

DD/LG that is somewhat similar, it is what happens when you mix Age play, D/s dynamic, and make it sexual. Its a personal fucked up favorite. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions but keep your hate to yourself. Here is a GREAT link to better describe it.

I hope you enjoyed getting a 360 view of all the aspects of my personality.

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  1. I found these posts fascinating. Your writing was clear and informative without being clinical. We all wear masks and personas, thankyou 💕 for sharing some of yours


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