The persona breakdown PT 2 Kink edition

Over the past year year I have made my personal interest more obvious. I have found a way to turn “stale toast” into something beautiful. I’m like French vanilla Fro-yo with a swirl of excitement served in a cone made of taboo desires. Topped with sprinkles of IOP and Kink. This was something I needed in my own life to break the mundane of day to day routine.

I have been in the hobby a stupid long time and doing the same ole thing day in and out. Most of you are married, What would be worse? Sleeping with one person forever or having different partners doing the same thing everyday? * That is how a sex worker can become bored.

Bored enough to venture but not bored enough to pee on you…I know how disappointing that must be LOL so lets go over the multiple sides of my kink personas

Lets be ourselves

What can I say, Kinks are a fun way to work out your issues so to speak. Maybe its just something stupid that brings you joy. Not too long ago I did a video explaining sploshing, the art of making a mess. It is a fetish, its not my fetish but I find it so much fun and I am willing to do that for someone happiness. I’ve also been asked to blow up balloons to the point of being exhausted and them popping them one by one. That’s another one I get the reason but I don’t fully understand the attraction of it to the point of being arousing but I’m not going to kink shame. Others include telling a man what a pretty girl he is…not really sure what I would consider totally bizarre.

**I do not touch any kind of Medical Kink, Sounding, S&M, Public Play**

I can be Bratty and Sassy but I am NOT a Domme.

Introducing the Princess.

This could go in multiple directions. It could just be the fancy sparkly version of me or it could be a good looking but mouthy Princess.

Spoiled Barbie complete with Tiara

Possible Scenarios

-I’m that adorable spoiled and entitled princess, show me what im good for.

-Let me be your Living sex doll


The Good Girl Submissive

“I promise Ill be good”

My submissive side responds to many names such as Kitten, Cum slut, Fuck Toy, but you can call me whatever your like. For that time, I am yours. I am totally into Light Degradation just so you know.

Things I enjoy when in a Submissive Setting

Sight and/or sound Deprivation, of coarse this is only done with those I have built a solid foundation with. When done correctly, I can be soaked and in subspace with only your voice. **yelling is not necessary** a calm voice is the way to go.

I love the “B” (Bondage) and the “D” (Discipline) But not the “S” ( Sadism ) or “M” (Masochism). You can have one without the other, its kind of like a buffet. Healthy discussions create endless possibilities

I want to make you happy by giving you complete control. How this goes depends on my partner…Some of you bring out a different side, the one that has always followed rules and now decides to rebel. I present to you The Brat Submissive.

“I do this little thing called Whatever I want”

I want to submit to you, however in this mode I have zero intention of making that easy for you. Learning the difference between me submitting and me getting what I want are two different things. I may also say things like “You think spanking is going to make me listen?”, “I do not think I will be doing that” or my personal favorite “What are you gonna do about it?’

The closest I could explain this in real world lingo is imagine a nasty fight with your spouse and end up having kinky sex in the process. Your also doing this with someone that probably looks like they raided a hot topic.

There is the path of Resistance with deep rebellion, if it is desired another thing that has to be deeply discussed. I wont push further than discussed unless the moment calls for it. In this mode I could easily have a mentality between 16-21 which brings us into our last few section

Next- The persona Breakdown age player edition.

Age play is a touchy subject. It is not allowed to be mentioned on ANY of the boards including Onlyfans. I would not be me if I did not push the boundaries of society and what the social norm is. I also kept these post separate so you can decide how far you want to expand your knowledge.

If its something that creeps you out, you easily have the option to skip the next two post.

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