The Persona breakdown pt 1. GFE/PSE edition

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)- A classic standard in our hobby-verse.

For as long as time has existed, there has been the nasty rumor that it is women crave intimate connection and men only want the physical aspect. That is so beyond wrong. In my collective years of hobbying I have found that men desire so much more than given credit for.

Think about a corset, lace black panties, garters and stockings paired with black heels making me nearly six foot tall wrapped in a black robe so that you can undress me with desire and purpose. Lets open a bottle of red wine, chat, flirt until eventually our hands wander.

Some prefer the Girlfriend look of tank top and jeans, natural progressing setting. These are always amazing in the sense of it does feel natural.

Let me love on you, let me appreciate you and make you the center of my world while we are together. My Illusion of Passion (IOP) is on a advanced level, I promise whether its in a public or private setting that you will leave feeling all the flutters.

I will not be releasing my secrets as to how I make this such a memorable experience. I will say that this will never seem mechanical or transactional.

Porn Star Experience (PSE) AKA My Super Slutty Side. In this mindset, I want to be your Fuck toy and my body was built for your pleasure.

Things I enjoy for PSE

Wearing Provocative lingerie that makes you think strip club or street walker. Maybe fishnets and shorts that do not leave anything to the imagination. Consider her the representative for Sex, Alcohol and Rock n’ Roll. Loves to be used like your personal sex doll. You could say something totally off the wall and I am still gonna go with it. We can create a scenario or just let me do as I please with you.

This is your more verbal dirty talk/cheesy porn star. Truly Insatiable

“Fuck me like your little slut and cum in my mouth please, I really really want it”

Next: The persona breakdown Part 2 Kink Edition


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