The Persona Breakdown Intro

Like all women, I have multiple personalities.

*Not literally or diagnosed FYI*

I enjoy being versatile and exploring different sides of myself and letting you explore yours free without judgement. We wear a mask everyday when we go to work, when we are in uncomfortable situations and in most cases we have it on with the ones who are suppose to know us best.

Creating the personas is what has made me successful in catering to a mans true desires and giving him the safe space to express those desires without judgement.

Creating these personas has given me the space to work out my own desires from a lacking life. It allows me to play out different fantasies and scenarios. As a woman, I LOVE to be needed. The depth of those needs varies person to person and the dynamic between two people cannot be recreated.

This blog post is extra special.

This post has 4 parts. I will be using this snow day to create my persona sheets into post so to speak. They will be on separate post so you can decide what you want to see. No worries, diapers are not anywhere in it.

Ive thoroughly enjoyed being totally open to you, my readers. It has allowed me to learn so much about myself and has given me purpose. I get a ton of positive and inspiring feedback, it motivates me. Must be that praise kink mixed with knowing that in some small way, I bring significant happiness in a hidden way.

Next: The persona breakdown GFE/PSE edition.



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