My evening with Sir

I had been looking forward to this visit in particular all week. It was a special occasion for him and the whole evening was planned out. I started getting ready pretty early, I needed a discreet “ho on the go” bag, manicure, pedicure, hair and the oh so tedious baby oil shave.

I packed the bag first, I was leaving the house in my street clothes to avoid questions. In the bag I packed what I wanted to wear to dinner, stockings, heels and the gorgeous lace lingerie he ordered for me (I’m aware that I’m spoiled). I wanted his night to be perfect.

I had planned how I was getting out of the house and my excuse for being gone all evening as I wasn’t due home until midnight. I didn’t lie, it technically was a birthday party. These are the moments that make me feel special, he could have spent his birthday with anyone and he chose me. I’m continuously left in confusion about why he chooses me but I would happily follow him anywhere. This night I followed his instructions to Hotel Sinclair in Downtown.

I despise driving the streets in downtown with the one ways and bike lanes. This is a weeknight so it was not as terrible as it would have been on a Saturday. He told me I could valet my car but I would never do that with my old bucket LOL. Its cold out but not miserable, I maybe passed two other people walking the two blocks to where my GPS said I needed to be. I get a text from him saying he is in the lobby bar.

The door is opened as I reach for gold handle and it catches me off guard, I have never been in this building so I am scanning for hints of where to go and how to not look lost. His message said to go left into the bar and there he was at the bar with a smile as soon as he spots me. I walk through what seemed to be a maze of people in this dim lit bar to get to him, my Sir.

He is pointing out specific bottles on the shelf, I have never heard of most of them. I tend to stay with what I know while he has exquisite taste. He ordered my whiskey and it was so incredibly smooth. He throws down a fifty and cues for us to leave. I grab my backpack that I tucked under the bar and follow behind this tall man leaving a trail of imaginary drool. We arrive at the elevator and he was telling me all the things that he loves about this hotel and all I could think about was taking pants off.

The elevator door opens, he grabs my hand and leads me to his room. Close enough to the elevator to scar people or help them finish.

I walk in observing the room setup, so sleek, I would not expect less from this place. I set down my bag and he tells me our dinner reservation is at 7. I’m convinced we have time for a quickie but nooooooo I had to wait. There is that moment that all us ladies try to do with finesse and that’s going from street to sexy and magically transform into lingerie mode without taking forever or making it seem like a runway fashion show.

I WANT to give him what he wants but my brat side just had to have her fun. He enjoys vintage sex appeal, classic lace with garters is his preference. What I decided to put on were gorgeous small opening fishnets that have designs embroidered in them but they are attached to a garter. It may not seem like a huge deal but to Sir, it would be. I slide open the bathroom door to ensure that he sees what I have on underneath and put on my long sleeve black dress with a smirk.

He told me in advance where we were going, The Wicked Butcher, I didn’t realize it was downstairs from the bar. I googled it earlier and was instantly excited, this was seeming to be a modern day pretty woman except I’m not a red headed street walker and Richard Gere is nowhere to be found. However there were multiple food-gasms…

Its always nice to be able to have a meal with someone, its the most human thing people do with one another next to sex. It was the perfect date night.

Once again we head back to the room but this time with intention. We’ve both been drinking, the tension has been building up and then we got into the elevator. I would have fucked him there if I could. It was cute he thought I would care about the camera, the security guard was probably cheering him on.

When in the room, he shows me the control panel and there was an actual button for a romantic setting. He stood behind me as he pressed the button. Simultaneously the lights dimmed and the curtains closed and I could feel his cock stiffening against my body. His hands on my sides slowly creeping forward to the front of my hips and his mouth on the back of my neck.

We are in no rush. I had been waiting for an evening where we had extended availability. It was Flawless.

To Be Continued….

It brings me unbelievable joy that others enjoy my writing.

I love teasing your mind as much as I love teasing your cock.

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