Ramblings and Updates

I’ve made it clear that lately I am having struggles with my writing for various reasons. Doing my rambling writing is the equivalent to physical therapy, keep flexing it and eventually it will start moving. Below are random updates and musings so I can attempt to make my words work.

I’ve been trying some new stuff with my sleep schedule. Once upon a time it was common to sleep twice during a 24 hour period up until the industrial world took over and required workers to be on the same schedule. If you know me well enough, I am famous for 2pm naps and I have tried everything from an earlier bedtime to better vitamins. This week I have been sleeping from 5-8pm and 4-7am and honestly I feel so much more rested. Crazy.

I have gone back to campus and I love it, a ton of cool stuff to do. This explains my somewhat absence online as i am adjusting to my new schedule. I’ve added stuff to my Amazon list wink wink

I love photography but it is not a cheap hobby to have. RC paper is stupid pricey ($28/25 sheets) I use average of 4 sheets per 1 photo and that’s if it goes smoothly with one allowed mistake. the You will frequently see me in the lab on snapchat developing film and printing photos. This semester I will be focusing more on technique, this has been a long time love of mine. I still have my portfolio from high school that consisted of the disposable Fuji film cameras in a leopard print Lisa frank binder. I sucked but you never saw me without a camera of some sort.

I never expect anyone to buy from it. Honestly I can buy the stuff myself but its like a mini Christmas every time an amazon box arrives at my door and all of my Alexa devices are losing their shit. Its that chick thing I do when I’m bored and I feel like adding stuff to a cart and not check out. Again, if you haven’t figured out that I am weird by now then you are totally clueless. If your still here its because you know I’m weird and like it.

http://linktr.ee/anastasiablack <—the link to All links including my OnlyFans Page, Social Media, wishlist and reviews.

I have become bored with the online discussion boards. I do not find much substance on there besides what appears to be a crowd of big titty bimbos yelling “pick me”. Not that I am too good to do so but I want to know you picked me because you saw me, wanted me and followed through. Not because of my genius marketing hacks and good looks *eyelash flutter* I will not throw myself around and convince you why you should see me. If you want to see me, you will, and I will show my appreciation of how happy I am that you chose me out of the thousands of options in DFW.

I keep the boards because they are an evil necessary with a popularity contest mixed in. They have shut down before and appear to becoming less reliable as time goes on. Ads are ads and getting noticed is everything. So I pop on every so often but I have not had true joy in them for many years, I miss when ECCIE was amazing and the chat room was great! Having reviews is as legit as having a state issued drivers license and I need that crap. So I shuffle on over and do the stupid thing I have to do because it comes with the job. Booo

OnlyFans (@KinkyCosplayKitten) has been doing great, I can see how ladies make a killing if they post a ton of content and charge by the post. Until I know how much content I can post in a month, the subscription will be free with limited viewing privilege’s. Tips give you access to XXX clips. (Clips can also be purchased on my snapchat LadyAnastasiaB via cashapp $housekeepingdfw ).

Maybe I need to take classes on how to be a money hungry bitch HAHA I’m generally happy when my bills are paid. I love sparkles but I am not super materialistic if that makes any sense. DD tried to take me shopping and it was like pulling teeth. I never want to take advantage so you literally have to tell me to pick something out. I do not take for granted what it takes to earn money and I certainly do not demand items or ask for things.

My level of interaction is different with everyone, one person may see me for an hour once every few weeks and others I see more frequently or/for longer periods of time. Others I meet for coffee, lunch or walk around the pond. Sadly there are some that I meet and never see again. I’m cool with whatever works.

Its hard to keep a perfect rotation with a schedule that changes every semester but somehow my bills still get paid every month so I am not fussy. Hopefully I will find an apartment that I feel comfortable seeing visitors at and life will get so much more simple. Just slip in after the kids have left for school.

Other dumb news involves getting my nostril pierced. It was not as bad as I thought it would be and it is healing nicely. I fully intend to get the other side done so I can sport a tribal chain like the one below. What I love about piercings is having the choice to make it temporary or permanent. I saw a TikTok today that said “I love this trend of people in their 30s dressing how they wanted to when they were 16”. Its true on every level and I am ok with that. Me at 16 was obsessed with WWE, green bangs with a scary pixie hair cut with the back spiked up. I was probably listening to a mix between no doubt, Papa Roach, I.C.P and Kittie. I wanted to paint that disturbing teen version of me for you HA! I’ll skip the hair trauma this go round but I wouldn’t mind finding a legit pair of Jncos. i’ll dig out a photo one day.

Image result for double nose piercing chain

Ive never considered having a current portfolio. I take the classes to fine tune my own craft and had not put much thought into professional photography as an adult. I found a gorgeous classic black one on Amazon that has certain charm for more formal final photos. Obviously a digital one would be more beneficial but again I do not foresee doing it as a pro. Like Vivian Maier, I collect raw moments but have no interest in owning several storage lockers of film.

Now it is time for me to wind back down. Thank you for reading my ramblings.

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