Magical Powers

Not to brag but I have magical powers. Well, one to be truthful with a handful of helpful qualities.

Story time. When I was really little, I was convinced I had abilities. It would seem that it would rain when I cried but later in life realized that I get a little sad when the weather is gloomy. One stormy day I decided I was going to do a spell that would make me desirable throughout my life for my own screwed up psychological reasons. In the pouring rain I went outside and buried a bag of marbles in the mud. It felt like I was selling my soul and all eight year old me had to offer was a bag of marbles and a wish.

I kind of got it right. Maybe I was missing a marble or didn’t have enough green cat-eyes in there.

Its funny when you have those core memory moments in life. It represented something I felt would complete my life. If I could be desirable to all men then life would be easy, what a cute logic.

Other sex workers

Ill do XYZ and whatever else you want for x amount. This is not personable with a super clear line. Your simply a number. You have some that are available 24/7, others that are just around part time (we do as me must) These ladies will also do well as to keep all true personality traits to themselves let alone care about the details of your desires.

How I operate

This is what I am currently into. You wanna join the ride? I like sex and I have my own to-do list. I love making connections. We seek out what we lack in our daily lives, most times that is affection. We want to be noticed in a world where being another number is what we have come to accept. With my obligations in life I do not have as much availability as I once had so I need to be selective on who I spend my time with. I maybe see 1-3 appts a week. That is not knocking the chicks that see 5+/day, a gal could used to that cash flow. Unless I am really nervous, chances are you are with my normal weirdo self which could look like many things LOL

These are all things that contribute to the reality of me being another human in the world. I am another person that needs to be needed, that needs to be touched and wants to have a magical effect on another human.

Having that power to change something intangible by stimulating all of a persons senses and awakening their inner primal side is beyond anything I could really describe . We have allowed ourselves to ignore urges for too long and become “tame” in a way. TSK TSK…I know your in there..

That is what makes me different in this overpopulated sea of women.

This does not mean I want you to be a total beast and rip me apart, some guys get the idea that it automatically means rough. no. This means with true uninhibited passion, Think back to the beginning of a new flame and you sleep up next to each other and somehow have great sex in the middle of the night. Your body was so attracted to that person that you want them in your sleep. That is Intense. That is the intensity I want. If you prefer just a quick nut then I highly recommend one of the Dallas Strip clubs or one of the many massage places. I want the real you that you hide from everyone. The side of you that know that you wanna fuck me with every hard inch of your cock. I can almost hear the low growl in my ear.

Thanks for reading! Feedback is always appreciated


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