Freak Fetish Fridays—The Breeding Kink

Welcome to Freak Fetish Friday where I introduce an odd fetish with a full breakdown. This is for educational purposes and I will always say my experience (if any)*

I love living in a world where we can go on the internet and find like minded weirdos.

How did Fetish people find other weirdos before the internet???

“Simplicity is a great element of good breeding.”

-Fanny Kemble

If you want to get pregnant then you can have sex, but there are some people who actually have a fetish for that. This is known as breeding, but it also falls into a larger category of play known as fertility play, which could involve actually trying to get pregnant, or simply fantasizing about it or to impregnate someone, and it can also be all about objectification – turning someone into nothing more than a vessel for pounding and pumping semen into.

It is common to think objectification and breeding are the same. They co-exist under the same umbrella but are very different. Breeding is VERY primal, its what we are programmed to do. Some men feel this urge more than others and a woman’s body craves sperm. Its that Simple.

Now you could mix objectification and breeding together and get something amazing. If your super adventurous then you can mix the FamRP (family role-play). The BDSM umbrella is like going to the liquor store, its isles and shelves of different things. You can play bartender and mix whatever you want! Its not always just two people that are trying to conceive, sometimes they bring in help and evolve into full blown orgy status.

Whether its roleplay or something that is actually trying to be achieved, it should be discussed and decided beforehand. This is intense and should not be handled carelessly

My goal in life growing up was to be a wife, no joke, there was no talk from my mother of being an astronaut or “Be anything you want”. Everything I was taught revolved around the idea of my future husband and children.

I wanted a husband I could be proud of with a stupid amount of kids…no joke…life smacks us sometimes. Some people cannot get pregnant and this is a way they cope. I tried for more children after my son was born with no luck. For 5 years, every month was another negative test, every day was another ovulation stick, another day of checking an app and taking my temperature, and scheduling sex. This pressure eventually ended our relationship, he lets me spend time with his gorgeous daughter that he named after my grandmother. We all heal differently. I have 3 beautiful kids and am single so I guess it’s a good thing I do not have 6.

At one point I looked into a polygamy setup to fulfil my need for domestic life but they do not sell that experience on Amazon. I never found the perfect mix for me and being a unicorn only sounds fun every so often. Its all fun and games as long as it is in the bedroom. So I eventually just accepted it. Breeding kinks (if done right) sometimes alleviate that disappointing part of my life. Please note that I love how my life turned out, it cannot always be rainbows.

The point of that depressing story is to say that I understand the painful side of why certain people get drawn to this. Something stupid hot about a breeding kink that is also extremely taboo, weird since its one of our most basic functions.

What I will never be able to understand no matter how hard I try is what that urge to breed feels like from a male perspective. I mean the legit primal need to breed one particular person, what you were programmed to do. I know I look at some guys mentally saying “fuck, our children would be gorgeous” but I am sure that does not come close to male primal mentality. Does the orgasm feel different? More powerful? No Difference?

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