Three Doms and My Singular Ass

This week has really taken the cake, holidays always kick us but THIS holiday specifically. My kids just went on break, since when were they out for so long? They do not go back until the 6th!! My sex life and is not happy about this. BUT Let me tell you how this week went! This was no normal week. This is the week before Christmas, before everyone’s family is up their ass and blood pressure levels rise. Privacy will be nowhere in sight and yes this involves large amounts of trash and kids.

I want to begin by saying being a submissive is very exhausting in a pleasurable way. There are two aforementioned men (no strangers to my post) that I adore seeing at every chance I’m allowed. I do know that when either of them book, they get anything they want and they will be the only person I see that day. I try to make sure I pay extra (3x) attention to my grooming, appearance and ambiance. similar to when you go to your fav restaurant where they know you, they know where you like to sit and what your preferred drink is. They put in the time, effort and the obvious.

I give you (my readers) my 98% real self.

My ADHD and Inner Scholar nerd feel the incessant need to break down all acts before I can truly understand it. This week had particularly odd timing. Normally I do not Kiss and Tell all in one post but to understand my mindset, you would need to walk through the week with me.

As stated before, In a traditional setting, you serve one master. As a single sex worker, I blend the two worlds to indulge on my own satisfaction, serving One master would not suit my lifestyle.

This Does not mean that I will submit to “any” man that throws cash at me, nope. Its personal at this point. I will only submit if I would in real life and on a personal basis. If my primal side does not respect you then you will have a hell of a time and I will enjoy every second of my being difficult.

Lets walk.

Wednesday before Christmas and I get to see DD, due to a few things this requires special planning. We share our fucked up fetish and that is what makes our bond great and we share common interest outside of the bedroom. We can embrace the other for what we are without fear or judgement. He has this way of feeding my co-dependent side that is frowned upon in the hobby but as a female I so desperately need sometimes.

DD used to walk in with a 50lb carefully packed “dungeon-in-a-bag” until we had our not so positive experience. We decided to go back to basics and work our way back up to the big bag. That put us back on the newbie track with a flogger, crop and basic restraints. He seemed very “wrist happy” with the flogger this day and I was not complaining (*not for newbies*). I do love being bent over a lap with a nice slow spank (Wasn’t spanked as a child *no surprise*). However the crop can be amazing but still have a bite. Its nice to go in the same spot a few times but not too much. Its like trying to figure out how much you can pet a cat before it bites you.

For me personally, Crops should be for correction and Suede Floggers are for pleasure. That varies person to person and to what extent they enjoy pain.

He seems to know how to get me to relax on a personal level. I instantly feel comfortable with him knowing we are on the same plane of thinking as far as fetish world goes. Knowing what someone tells you is one things but knowing what someone’s body tells you is the absolute truth.

I’ve been seeing him long enough that he can get me to subspace by merely putting my collar on. He had this one custom made and I love it. We have our set ritual on how we enter that mental space and I’ve been conditioned to it by this point, pretty miraculous as far as how the mind works.

As mentioned before, I do not remember much of what happens in subspace. I can tell you if its good or bad. That’s honestly about it. Although I remember that pop to my Ass, could have been a crop or his hand. I think he hit the same spot one too many times and I was starting to come out of it. Its the equivalent of driving home after a few drinks but still ok to function…then you see a cop. your suddenly sober. Its the same with subspace, as soon as something is “too much” then I will slip back to reality.

We also share a love of food, its a big love language for me. Nutrition is such a weird concept in a D/S relationship. To make sure that the other is in good health is a good thing but to also indulge together is greatness. FYI, Not a salad chick…im all about Food. We were having BBQ and while I was so happy although I remember feeling how sore my lower ass was.

Just depending on the day, I will give him hell, be adorable, beg, get my way then be a brat. I have wrestled this man to the floor. This version of Brat-Dom is not for the mentally weak. Eventually I willingly submit because his patience outlast my energy.

So Daddy Doms deserve their own part of the umbrella like everyone else. Here is where you can find a ton of very in depth info. You can always reach out and respectfully ask. Please do not attempt fetish stuff blindly. Mental Damage can be done. This is purely to educate. But hey if you saw my weirdo bat signal then by all means!

Fun Fact… As a teen, I aspired to be a WWE Diva. Wrestling always played a big part of my life; I have zero interest in making that sexual. I grew up obsessed with what was “WWF” and then became “WWE”, getting a shirt signed by Steve Austin was a highlight of my youth.

I have always been a collector of sorts, currently its 90s memorabilia (think Tamagotchi), POP figures, Hello Kitty, Pokémon (I know!) and anything by TY.

Thursday rolls around, I’ve been looking forward to this Thursday all month. I’ve had my ‘homework” ready and has been edited several times to make sure it is exactly what I wanted it to be. We share the love of literacy and I know I need to be precise as every word will be examined in a good way. It does help as far as furthering my writing skills to make sure my message is clearly conveyed. “Say what you mean and mean what you say”

I start getting ready for him way early in the day, no clue why I am so particular. I know how much effort he puts in to his appearance and I love it. I will save the dreaded manicure/Pedi day for when I see him because I love looking my best for him.

What gets me excited for “these” visits is I truly never know what is going to happen. He never seems to try anything he is not experienced with. It is never discussed and yet he knows when enough is enough. He can read my physical cues like Morse code. I can be non verbal and he needs nothing, also quick when I am feeling more of a brat. The type that would have me over his lap on the bed while slowly spanking with only the tease of fingering me. He has patience and that kills me since it is what I lack.

Like I want to be good but FUCK I want to push all of his buttons just to see what happens. However this is way more complicated. With most men, its playing checkers on the mental front. With Sir, it is a wonderful game of chess. I play carefully because I know the ability of my opponent. To put it more simply, With Sir, I choose my battles wisely. With others, I will be difficult for no reason at all.

He had special plans. His plans are always a mystery to me until they happen.

Sir had created his own Thick Wood paddle. I loved looking at every curve of this paddle thinking about how much time that he had put into this. I know he is busy man so time is valuable. It was nice but FUCK it had its bite. Wide and Thick. The paddle was not the only thing, he pulled saran wrap from his bag. Your first thought is “WTF” BUT its genius. This is not new to the BDSM umbrella as a way to safely confine while being able to monitor what the sub is doing. This could be called a mummification fetish or simply just a way to keep you still. My torso was wrapped with my hands down, I helplessly fell over…oh no.

What is also a Key component to a D/s relationship is the ability to be open. This is Hard. We are seriously suppose to be completely vulnerable with another person??! Ummm yea.. that is kind of the deal about participating in that lifestyle. I am obviously open about what my fucked up brain wants. That is what you would think. I guess you would call me a “Freudian”.

He had coloring books. He knows this appeals to my inner “little/middle”, its oddly the fastest key to get me on a thinking mindset. These were gorgeous pastel fun pages like narwhals. FYI had no clue those were a real creature until a year ago. Anywho, He had a fun game. Coloring.

This was interesting. I do not mix “younger” me with Hobby me. This was a situation that was presented that I did not mind. I was confused, happy and just rolling with it. The book flipped off the desk as books do, I was told to get to my feet. It was the paddle, it was back to coloring.

He is always willing to branch out while making me feel valid, this is so important and means the world to me. He always manages to meet me on some screwed up middle ground and I LOVE it.

This mindset that your reading at this very second, this is the version of me that Sir gets to see. He challenges me on an intellectual level. I give him a hard time because he NEEDS and seems to enjoy the challenge. I truly think he would be bored if I just made it easy. Sure, if he requested I go back to being the easy to deal with sweet gal, I would do so.

My literal Ass was 2/2 and still at a good level. I have never been one for pain and still not. It nice when someone can understand the balance between pain and pleasure. If you mix in pleasure at a heightened moment of pain then it can “re-train” the brain.

I was seeing bruises the next day. I was kind of laughing at how I was becoming a semi bruised doll, normally frowned upon but I did not care. I had a hickey on my shoulder and now my lower ass cheek was bruised.

The morning of Christmas Eve., I planned to meet with an old friend. Coincidentally the first Dom I ever tried anything with. The first ever man who chopped my ass down like a tree and I was left clueless. That was 11 years ago. He shall be introduced at a later date but know he is all about Impact Play, forced orgasms and light Shibari He showed me his beautiful flogger that I gave the name Sasha. Super soft, extra full and in my favorite shade of dark red. I have yet to see one like this on any of my shopping trips.

My Ass was happy for Christmas break. 3/3

Three Days. Three different types of Doms. Three totally different experiences. I LOVE my life.

PS. Do not let my love of talking about kink intimidate you. This type of week NEVER happens for me and it was an amazing Christmas present given to me by the universe.

Thank you for being here! XOXO

Erotic Short Story Author/Entertainer

Anastasia Black

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