Kink Shame

***Full Disclaimer*** Kink shame will not be permitted here unless it is for the purpose humiliation

Kink shaming is humiliating someone based on the sexual preferences.

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We all get that anxiety (at least I do) when we discover something new that turns us on. Trying to figure out if it is socially acceptable is a whole other story pending what crowd you ask and there is the fear of being rejected by our partners. New Things are scary even when they bring us pleasure on a strange level especially when its beyond taboo and that new craving could cost you everything.

I’m sure I have you believing that I am completely fearless with my sexuality but truthfully it was not until recently that I really embraced it. In the hobby most of the encounters are vanilla and the kink comes from the anonymity. Sometimes my kink meter goes beyond the hobbies capabilities and it leaves me with unfulfilled desired and longing for something I cant have. What’s harder to believe are the things I love that I do not share for the fear of kink shaming or community shunning. With every confession I lose followers but I am more myself, the weirdos just haven’t seen my bat signal yet.

Being single also brings on its own issues , I am not able to have the same consistency of the same kink partner on a regular basis.

Being in the hobby presents issues with having relationships obviously. Its as fucked up as the credit circle.

I have sexual freedom so how would I know what its like to deny myself? I never told anyone I dated about how I love foot play, I did not want the label of being the “Weird Foot Girl” from someone who actually knows me. A gentleman did it randomly and the sensitivity I have in my foot alone is crazy. I could care less now what something thinks of that but rest assured I will not be randomly sticking a toe in your mouth. I do not enjoy when someone does it JUST for my pleasure, I can tell and hate it. In every relationship I have had in the RW, has been pretty basic and I never had the guts to talk to them about any of it.

You NEVER have to be nervous about sharing your desires with me, the worst that can happen is I politely decline being a participant. I have been asked for some off the wall activities for obscene compensation and turned it away simply because it would not be something I truly enjoy and therefore would hinder the experience.

You can also rest assured I will not publicly humiliate you on my blog or on Social media. Some things that I will not ever do include anything medical (I’m easily queasy), anything fecal related, gun play, forced intox, fire etc you catch the drift, the major things. If I want to explore the kink in a educational way then it will be in a dignified or spicy post.

What I do love about kink is there is usually something psychological about what it is that draws you to it. I spend a lot of time mentally breaking down why I like certain activities whether they are sexual or not.

Why am I so open about it? Because it should not be something to be embarrassed about. If there is something that pushes you past the limit or puts you in a happy place, I wanna know. Our own version of physical therapy.

Think about it. We have the opportunity to share something that you probably haven’t even told your life partner. Can you see why I want it? If you shared that with me, we share something special.

Say im looking for porn and it starts getting odd, It might include DD/lg, Dollification, Sex Dolls, and then next thing I’m stuck watching anything with Bruno Dickemz. This is to give you an example of the fucked up person that you wanna bone. We all need therapy.

One thing I truly enjoy is little space. For me, Its NOT sexual so I do not relate it to the hobby. This is something I do when I am alone and Id like to check out of adult world. I color, watch Pixar movies and just chill. Its a coping mechanism and not something I have ever done in front of someone else. This is where my love of plush toys comes from. Im Single so curling up with a few bears and watching a cartoon is no big deal. No diapers for me LOL

Middle Space/Agere/Age Play is fun on a sexual basis if its like “16fHorny” type of way. My brat side could definitely be 16 but this is between consenting adults acting out in role play. This does not make someone a pedophile, it does not encourage pedophilia and it is simply fantasy of a fun time.

Speaking of the Brat side, she is here only because I am a naturally submissive people pleaser and it is my way of rebelling while still feeling in control. It’s nice to see who can handle me hehe

I have made it clear that SubSpace is my happy place. Sadly the hobby is not always a safe place for that. Traditionally you serve one master, that is not possible for my life so I work with what I have and piece it together like a glorious patch quilt. Me being in subspace is equivalent to being under hypnosis, a state of pure bliss.

In this hobby we spend so much time suppressing ourselves. I am expected to blend, be palatable and walk on eggshells.

I’m officially done doing that. Im an oddball and we all know it! I was always under the impression that my eclectic personality would not be received well. I was wrong. Thanks guys! Xoxo

Days like today make me extremely grateful for the friends I have made. Sadness can smack the happiest of people. Please feel free to leave a anonymous comment.

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