Guess that Pokemon.

He tells me “Come by later”, this was not unusual because that is what our dynamic has turned into. He is that super cute single guy in his 50s that lives alone and is simple. He is not interested in games (usually) and pretty straightforward. Easy and Pleasant, I could easily coast on autopilot and still make his grip tighten and his eyes roll at the same time.

Lets clarify. Me going on auto pilot does not mean your undesirable or bad in bed. It just means I’m not being mentally stimulated and have checked out to more interesting things…..JUST KIDDING!!! It means if we were in a monogamous relationship, I would be cheating on you….Fuck! I cant say it nice no matter how I say it (PSSST The brat wrote this paragraph). [Still doesn’t necessarily mean bad. I am always versatile to what my client needs. The freak wont come out of the box if it thinks you might have a mental breakdown.]

Moving On. We are going to call him Brad.

Brad also says that he would like me dressed down, this actually is not uncommon but its usually so nosey neighbors don’t see someone who looks like a hooker going to the front door. I went classic light jeans with a white tee, the fitted kind you wear with an unlined bra. Letting my hair do whatever wavy down thing it wanted to do. He has yet another request that he neglected to ask for until now. No Make-up AND he has a surprise for me. I never know if I am excited when someone says that. Some people do not know what constitutes as a good surprise or a “Fuck that” kind. Eh, its Brad. It cant be that messed up.

One time he said he wanted to try something kinky and that, in his head, that meant shooting his load on my tits. So if that’s “kinky” to him, then he can go insane, and ill be on autopilot.

WTF Brad. Are you trying to make me die? That’s my war paint, how do I go to sexual war without paint?

I’m about to go out the door and drive the 5 minutes over to his house. I feel so naked. I’m looking in the mirror wishing there was color to my face. Fuck it, I’m using tinted moisturizer and mascara at a bare minimum. #sorryNotSorry. Guys THINK they want natural but what you want is a natural Look…Big difference.

I’m driving down the street passing the bar we both go to. Two turns and I am there. Its weird to not have parking instructions. Its park in the horseshoe driveway and come in the house, he is expecting me so no point in knocking. I still knock as I’m entering because well, its Texas. He has music playing and I find him in his kitchen. That bastard knows my adult dork side loves his perfect kitchen, it was a non verbal brag point for him I guess. He has a bottle of red wine. I love red wine but now regretting the white shirt, what can happen, will happen. *Side Note-This red wine was made in a whiskey barrel….AMAZING*

It was nice to just be two people having wine, flirting on the couch. My shoes were off and my feet were wandering to his knee as our eyes locked. This felt totally natural. He wanted to “show me his office”, its more like show off his office. Has one of those stupid crazy huge but gorgeous leather office chairs, something you would see in a law office or some crap.

I hear a door chime, “oh look at that, your surprise is here.”

“be right back” he says…PFFT and an eye roll

He comes back into the office to get me and leads me to the room. Maybe its pizza in Bed LOL NOPE…there is a tall blonde. He knows I have a dislike for most blondes. Eh its his time, what I “want” is irrelevant. Im thinking this is going to be a him version of a chill FMF threesome. I walk towards her first, he takes my hand and derails my course leading me to his corner chair that every person has in their bedroom. He looks me up and down as if scanning for something. “Why are you not wearing a belt?”

“I never do” are the only words I say expecting us to move on.

He was stuck on this and went to get one from his closet. Maybe my outfit was not complete and some OCD side of him was not going to be able to play if I was not entirely put together (????) I put the stupid thing on with minimal sass. He smiles, checks its fit and sits me back down.

I never know if I like these moments or not. I love being told what to do but it also slightly pisses me off.

He walks over to her, standing behind her to make sure I have full view. He wasnt that much taller than her, his gaze peeking from the side of her head as his hands explored her torso. She stood there in a bra and panty set, was she in on it or as clueless as I was? What new side am I seeing of him? He made sure he was watching my reactions. I’m sure he could sense that as a voyeur, Id like to think “im invisible”, not be watched while watching you.

Its always fun to try to figure out the game but a little scary, hard to play a game when you don’t know the rules or objective(s) or what happens if you get it wrong. This was a wild hand I was being dealt.

He looks at me, then are her. Brad grabs her hand and pulls her on top of him as they fall on the bed. I was waiting for a sign on what I was suppose to be doing but no look. There was no communication, at that moment I could have been a throw blanket. No better way to find out other than try random things.

I started to stand up as she had a mouthful of his cock. She didn’t pause when he told me to sit back down. So this was the game? I got to sit here in the corner and get paid to watch people have sex. I am not complaining. That is until he decided that watching was too enjoyable and that I needed to further teased by wearing a blindfold.

Oh I see. Brad went all 50 shades on me….oooo Im so scared. Fuck you brad. If you wanna play my games then your gonna play my way. People that just “pop in” on the lifestyle without research drive me batty. Once you open that brat box, its really hard to turn it off unless you have the key (not telling)

I sit there, trying to seem unbothered. He enjoyed this side of me, you know when you can see fireworks going off through a persons eyes. Some people I will never understand. He enjoyed the defiance. Its that tango that we do. You try your best to get me to submit and Im going to give you hell. I do not submit to weak men. It was pretty easy to be a total bitch about this to him. I like brad as a guy but honestly I would never submit to him.

It went from generic moaning with a steady rhythm to slowing down.

“Finished so quickly” I asked him

Fuck! why does my brat side never think?

It went almost silent. I could tell he was silently directing her.

I could hear them shuffling towards me. He is standing in front of me and he has his feet between mine. I was assuming there was going to be a dick in my mouth but that did not happen. It was becoming even easier to be a brat to him. He moves her in front of me and sits her down on the floor between my legs. I could feel her shoulders on my inner thigh and her head in front of my still fully clothed torso. He lets out a chuckle, “This. Is the perfect sight.”

I’m listening. He has my attention but not my submission. I was not going to show that I loved knowing that he was fucking her face in front of my body. I could hear her slurping, gagging, moaning, his breathing and feel both of their bodies move and feel the heat from their bodies. His hand was stroking my head while moaning in pleasure.

“Do you want my cum?”

“Yes” I answered thinking he was going to pull out of her mouth and cum in mine.

I heard her gulp and gasp.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you think I meant you?”

I think I died just a little in that moment. I didn’t want it until I couldn’t have it.

“EH, I dont care.” I pranced off to the kitchen. Really I wanted to stomp my feet. I was NOT about to play a game on his terms, just the principle of a brat, ya know?

I went back to the dream kitchen and grabbed my wine. I’m expecting she will be leaving and THEN I will get some dick. Still fully dressed with his belt. Both of them walk through the kitchen and he walks her out. He comes back and I give him that smirk.

“Have a good Night” he says “oh yes…ill need my belt.”

How many fetishs do you spot in this post? What was brads?

As a writer, I am always looking for feedback and as an attention whore, well I want attention.

Here is the best info link on Cuckholding in ALL variations. Great Read!








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