Whats and Whys

I love to experiment, dip into other people fantasies and learn a whole lot of new stuff. Sometimes along the way I find a new liking that I just happen to come across, when its good, its good.  Kink has always been for me hehe. Its not something I advertise widely in the hobby because trust cannot just be given. 
Lets go over this listWhat is it and Why do I like it?😁
Being A submissive- This is fully self explainatory. This is something that HAS to be discussed. Trust is earned and not given. After-care is upmost importance for me and most people ignore this. I love this as it allows me to be my opposite self to decompress mentally. I am very take charge in my life so its nice to have one place in life Im not trying to be in control. I love slipping into subspace. An example of this might be somewhat mechanical. I am only listening for commands and off in my own happy world. 
Blindfolded Bondage- To be rendered completely of sight and mobility, sometimes an extra step can be taken and add headphones. Taking away senses, heightens the others. Not knowing where you will go, what you do with no sign. If you take away sight, movement and sound then all I can do FEEL. Not something I would do with just everyone. This is a mental vs physical war between slight fear and pleasure.  You could imagine how easy it would be to become prey.
Bratty Submissive- I can have a very snarky attitude and I love to use it to get Daddy to do exactly as I want…by pushing your buttons LOL! At this point, I want to give him control, just not willingly. Full of sarcasm and eyerolls. This is something that is very fun if your into having a challenge.  I am such a polite person that it is fun to kick back and make it fun. Check out this article to get a better understanding. 
Obviously ALOT of my likings have to do with control. Being a Slut to be Used is the hottest thing in my book. It is a major ego boost. To think about how many cocks get hard when thinking about me. My average snapchat clip gets 230 views, That is alot of hard cock! When I am saying treat me like a slut, it means alot of things. What I want out of it is for your core primal instinct to come out to play. Your doing exactly what you want without fear of judgement. I want you to do it. I am not into pain. I love to be spanked but not bruised and walking weird lolInsinuated Pain is awesome, like a soft suede flogger! yes!
Let touch the equally loved and hated topic of DADDY. This can be taken a few different ways.Age/Fam Play- Cousings, sister, brother, mom, dad blah blah blah really what all that means is the age idea of each person and your playing out a fantasy. This does not necessarily mean you wanna fuck your sister. This is not typically the daddy I am talking about but im not opposed. Did you bust me drinking dads whiskey and your gonna tell? HEHE Yall knew I was a naughty bitch #SlutLife
DADDY DOM- So now we took two concepts and smashed them together but now the meaning changes (algebra, right?) Think of the characteristics of daddy; strong, caring, loving, protective, intelligent. Those are all awesome things! Now were mixing that with the DOM personality in a very loving way. This could also be a soft dom.  Every person creates their kink in a different way. Just ask questions. So if you hear me talking about fucking daddy, I do not want to fuck my father, have a great relationship with him. When I say daddy, Im referring more to the type of encounter. Although the facial reaction of the man inside me is hot, its like he realized his world is now mine hehe
My facination with being a sex doll. Ive thought about it alot. I really love porn when guys have those real life dolls, they legitimately care about them due to the amount of time crafted into it, he has pride in her. When he uses his doll, he is not even slightly bothered by the idea of being offensive, he is doing exactly what he wants without judgement, says whatever he wants without the fear of sounding stupid. I love when a man is in that state. Just let the man be and let him do his thing! 
CIM- This is a tough one. When I watch porn, the first stop is usually CIM/Throatpies compilations. Except when they play with it and snoball (Barf). I wanna swallow so fn bad. However I have a inner 2 year old that will gag non stop if I start thinking about it. Ive even tried adding flavored condoms so I could ease into it. It looks hot but the only time I have accomplished it is when im drinking and with no warning. I would love to hear you tell me your gonna cum and I anticipate swallowing. Ill get there one day! 
It is so much easier to tell a stranger what you like VS someone you know who can give you a negative reaction. I have zero issue saying I LOVE a guy who LOVES feet. However I never told someone I was dating for fear that would think im some weirdo and leave me. My feet are sensitive, thats the simple explaination. I never ask anyone to do this, not going to shove a toe in your mouth to be random. 
This is just a brief list of things I enjoy. I will always be a classic GFE and make you feel like the only guy in the world or I can let you have a wild uninhibited experience with whatever youd like…Remember I want your primal side.

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