What type are you?

This post I wanna talk about the different types of Dominant men and my personal preferences for each one.  I have noticed that men are curious about being with a submissive slut but lets do so with insight. SO IMPORTANT! Not every sub is into a hardcore dom. I still love some fake romance but this is me fully submitting myself to you and I want that to go well.
Im still a GFE but after 10 years I NEEDED a chance to embrace my own selfish wants. 

  • Master

One person is taking charge of the other, and the intensity of control varies. Depending on where they are on the dominance-submissiveness spectrum, we could be talking about:

  • Service submission where it is about making the dominant partner’s life easier by providing different services (cooking, cleaning, etc.) and, but not necessarily, having sex.
  • A sexual submissive relationship is when the dominant persona is taking charge and giving sexual orders to the submissive partner.
  • Slaves as submissives prefer a high intensity of control that could involve outsourcing many life decisions to the dominant persona, including what to wear or eat.

This would be ok for me for short periods of time but not as a lifestyle. Being used as a foot rest or serving tea/coffee is common. The downside is that this dynamic is too much for me. Im more likely to go down a dark mental space instead of pleasure. I love to be of service and love praise. 

  • Sir 

He is Particular, usually well dressed and has a zero tolerence policy. Strict with odd punishments. The Funishments are something to be anticipated since his rewards will never come easy. They are a fan of homework and this is not always sexual. It can range from photos, writing, fitness, tasks etc  once I had to Read a page of shakespere and everytime I messed up I had to start over. I love this dynamic if it is laid out in front of me. It is hard to be a Good Girl when I dont know the rules. I prefer them typed out and sent so I can review and stay on your good side. Sir is very specific about wardrobe, atmosphere, rules and a huge fan of punishments that actually suck. 

  •  Caregivers

The main trait is that the dominant is the caregiver that serves as a non sexual parental figure, while the submissive wants to be cared for and nurtured. This could involve ALOT that would require its own post so we shall skip for now. 

There are certain aspects that are interesting. It has the feel of being loved so much that someone else will take care of you when you cannot do so for yourself. No I dont want to dress like a baby LOL mentally im closer to 17. This has been studied and has the potential to be a healthy way to filter and process trauma by regressing.

  • Owner 

This BDSM relationship manifests in the dominant persona taking charge of the submissive as though they are an animal they take care of and discipline. This is commonly seen with the fur tail and ears. This interest me but not entirely sure. Im always down for playing dress up and have zero issue rubbing myself all over you like a cat LOL Im actually looking at a pair of very fluffy beautiful ears on amazon. trust me, they are hot. 

  • Daddy 

Typically a male dominant that takes care of a submissive/princess/baby girl. He often has her best interest in mind when punishing her for her bad behavior and rewarding her for her good behavior. Often a Daddy dom is the older masculine figure in the relationship. He is of good nature. This is a hardcore fav for me. My previous post was my details. This is a very loving dynamic but I love being daddys good girl.

  • Soft Dom 

This guy is most likely goofy, relaxed, chill but can quickly become a strict when rules are broken. I love this type since it is always someone who I have fun with. In the past, one rule was he did not like me cussing. I knew the rule and I knew there would be a consequence.

  • Brat Tamer

This guy does not mind when I feel like being a evil bitch LOL This is not meant for everyone and has to be discussed before. I will say things to puposely piss you off so obviously I try my best to not go there without a thorough conversation but I also cannot just turn it on. A tamer will put a brat in their place an the brat will keep challenging the dom. It is a continuous feed. 

  • Primal

A type of sexual kink or deviancy which involves becoming animalistic during sex. Can include scratching, biting, general brute force, chasing and animal-type noises like howling, snarling, growling, etc. The dominants in this kink community are sometimes referred to as primal hunters and the subs are prey. Im not into making someone literally chase me but feel free to growl in my ear whenever. 


-Consent is always required and doesnt have to be weird. “how much more can you take?”

-Be very specific about what you want before (desired tone, am i being difficult) and during. . 

-Aftercare is Mandatory and non negotiable (cuddles are great–rubbing my head in approval)

-Have rules, kinda need to know that. If you try to spring one on me, I will laugh at you

-Im not into pain and NO metal tools

-Spanking is a FUCK YES but I do like walking

-Yes I am a adult that loves soft stuffed animals…its ok…i know im weird AF. Little Momentos to remind me 

-Please dont mental mind fuck me in a negative way. Im still human 

Next Post…..

Punishments VS Funishments

Wanna try this fun quiz? It ask a series of questions to find your possible kinks.  This was super fun for me and it did say alot of truth. 

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