Unable to move, speak or Think.

I couldnt wait for for him to get to my hotel room. Our schedules had not been lining up but today must have had magic timing. I always enjoy his company no matter what were doing, its like my personal vacation spot. Dressed in my black stockings, lace top and Black robe, I stand close by the door waiting for the light tap.  I would not want to keep him waiting. 
 He comes in and we are both standing in the entryway, I do not give him a moments notice of what was in my mind. I tend to jump my prey from the get-go.  We stood there making out, I could feel his energy building up in a very intense way. 
In what felt like one swift movement, he had my hand quickly pulling me into the hotel room. 
Suddenly we are facing eachother, me looking up at him. wanting. craving. 
I reach for his belt. I hate belts, buttons, contraptions that make getting to a dick more difficult. Managed to undo his belt while never breaking eye contact. I grab his pants with both hands with every intention of pulling them down ,while my knees were nearing closer to the floor.  What I thought I was going to do and what happened were two completely different things. 
He says that I need to be patient. Ugh I despise “Patience”insert *eyeroll* here
Here I am. On my Knees before him. He smiles and goes for his bag. When he turns around he is standing there with a tie in his hands. It felt like he saw every question and realization through my facial expressions and that brought him joy. This is somewhere I had not gone with him but I knew I wanted to. 
He steps behind me and the soft tie lays across my eyes. First tying it under my ponytail and then over. That seems like a small fact but what this told me was this was not his first time and he knew how to secure it well enough for full sight deprevation. That is the sign of someone who knows what they are doing. He stays behind me and stacks my wrist on top of one another and rest them on the small of my back, he must have had a second tie on hand. 
There I was still on my knees but now unable to move, unable to see ,unable to think and slipping away into subspace. My clit was tingling with excitement and all I could do was listen for any hint of what could happen next. I am told to not move. My inner me was dying to move but knowing his personality, id rather test in small portions 
He knows this. I start to hear intentional noises. Him unbuttoning his shirt, I can hear him pulling his tshirt, the clink noise of his buckle, his pants sliding off. He tosses his sock at me playfully. I am thinking this will be when he will come near me and instead his footsteps get further away. He decided to prolong my waiting by what sounded like him washing his hands. This is when I laugh. I know what he is doing and I am gladly going for the ride. My inner brat wanted to test him but there is something about him that tell me he notices everything. Without my sight I cannot pick my actions based on his reactions, every I do would be taking a chance when I was specifically told to not move.
Knowing he was near, not knowing what he was doing but thinking of him with his entertained look on his face just watching me being impatient was such a weird turn on. Why do I like this?
He grabs one of the plastic cups off of the dresser and removes the plastic making sure that that its loud enough for me to notice. I can hear my glass whiskey bottle slide and do the classic pop. He poured it next to my ear and could hear him take a sip. He puts it next to my lips and slowly tips it up. Everything he did was with purpose, I was so turned on and he has not physically touched me since going to the floor. He was slowly dragging this out and I was loving every second. 
He stood in front of me, his feet felt centered to between my knees but out of any touching range I had. Ive seen his naked body enough times to be able to imagine him standing there with his hard cock hanging. Was he also watching me with anticipation? Was he waiting for me to get just desperate enough? The suspense was amazing.
He finally stepped forward, the head of his cock was right in front of my lips. All of the anticipation was almost too much and luckily for me this was the moment that he allowed his cock to slip into my mouth.  My personal happy space, there is no one happier than me when I have a cock in my mouth. It didnt take long until his fat head was touching the back of my throat. He was slowly grinding and I loved it, my tongue being the only part of my body that could move. 
I could hear his breathing change. 
“Do you want it? I know you do and I wanna give it to you” I knew he had been reading my blog and I knew exactly what he meant. He knew I wanted to swallow and I also was aware he was looking for a verbal yes. So badly I wanted him to cum in my throat. The thing that I want to do and just couldnt. I was ready in that moment.
 I wanted to be a Good Girl. 
This is exactly where I will leave off. Maybe you can get a taste of the anticipation levels I reached today…

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