To be Prey in the Dark.

There are times when I mention my theories and certain men love putting these ideas to the test. Are we all not just people that are hoping to find other people that like the same things that we do?

I mention Primal theory often since it is what drives us, the easiest way to figure people out, and the BEST way to reach the mental pleasure zones with a hint of healing properties.

I’ve mentioned the Primal Dom, this can be a wide range of personalities and characteristics. A primal can be a Hunter but it is not a requirement to be in the cool kids club LOL He is animalistic and to most this might be slightly terrifying.


Me and The Primal One

It is no secret that I love to disclose my hobbies like crafting, photography. Other hikers/cyclists will know the hiking spots I talk about as they are common; my favorite being River Legacy in Arlington. I tend to hike longer distances so I will see more than the usual person. Guys will comment on what part of the trail I am in or share their favorite photos.

In the winter, I love to hike at night. Yes, it is cold and that sucks but it’s motivation to keep moving and you will warm up eventually. I did it for a season with a group and then started going on my own after that. At night it is so much more peaceful since no one else is on the trail. I can drive the whole park and I will be the only car.

A Snap buddy of mine wanted to meet at the trailhead to experience night hiking with someone who knew the trail well enough to do in the dark and we would hike to the bridge for an evening tryst.

I started to feel nervous sitting out there in the pitch dark, I could have been standing there naked and no one would have been there to catch me. This made me nervous in a way. I was waiting for someone that should have been there by now. I was starting to wonder if it was a joke or maybe he got nervous.

After sitting there for 15 minutes (with a frozen nose) I finally get a message saying that he had been waiting at another trail entrance which is easy to do there. It was a little funny that we were both just waiting on each other in different spots wondering where the other was. We know where the other is and somehow figure out the spot we would meet if we walked towards each other. I explain to him the trail to walk towards like we were doing some next-level trust exercise. So I take off walking the trail and know within 10 min on the dirt that I will hit another concrete trail and would be easy to find him.

I’m standing on the concrete trail adjusting my vision, looking for any sign of a flashlight. I tend to go without a flashlight after 20 minutes or so, maybe he did that too. I couldn’t hear leaves or footsteps on the concrete.

I get another text.

“Keep Going”

I feel the panic set in heavy as I wondered what was happening. I stood still wanting to look around but almost too scared of what I would see. There are many wild animals here like wild hogs, various poisonous snakes, and Bobcats and none of those were a threat at that moment.

“Let’s meet at the bridge, let us play a game.”

My clit instantly throbbed. What the fuck is wrong with me to be turned on by this moment when I should have feared for my life? The reckless side of me said to give in while my logical side said to run back to the car and go. I wouldn’t have time to run, what if he was behind me? where was he that he knew for me to keep going?

I gave in. I wanted to know. I was already in danger and there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it, so I willingly kept walking.

I figured if I kept my mind racing on other things that the two miles there would go quickly. I was not going to give in to this game. I had figured him out and decided to just use my best acting skills.

This Bridge is something cool. I found it the first time I went out with a hiking group I found on Meetup. It was one of those things that you can sit there and look at for an odd amount of time. Google “Screaming Bridge” and there is folklore galore along with “Hells Gate” Both have buzz for paranormal exploration and historical value.

If you were to go during the day, you will notice that half of the bridge is missing and can be seen in the Trinity River below. The remaining side is covered in conversational graffiti that makes an interesting read. Many days I would take the extra-long trail to make 6 miles to let my feet dangle off the edge while I ate my lunch and then hike back.

The bridge does bring somewhat of a dark history for me. One day in a deep depression I ran the trail out to the bridge with the full intention of jumping right off. I figured the running might clear my head and by the time I got to the bridge, I just stopped.  It was that day that I made peace with myself and said, “Fuck it”. So, this place has become my thinking spot.

I finally get to the bridge. There is a gate meant to keep people out but a quarter of it is missing so I dipped down to move through it. I couldn’t see all the way to the end since there was no light, but I was not seeing a figure or movement of any kind.

I stop periodically every few steps to listen and look behind me, but I cannot hear anything over the water. I am looking for some sign that I was not alone. Once again, a moment where I think I am going to die, and here I am on the fucking bridge again. I tend to Fuck myself like this a lot.  I make it to the farthest point of the bridge that I can physically go to, he could run up behind me and there would be nothing that would stop him from pushing me off the edge. I decide to go to the middle point of the bridge and sit on the ground so I would see him first.

From the bridge, I could see his single flashlight moving through the trees. I had spent the past two hours with fear, paranoia, and excitement of what was going to come and what could go wrong and even went as far as to make sure someone knew where I was at.

His light turned off.  My eyes were not picking up any movement. Was he being still watching me?

I could finally see movement by the gate, I stayed on the ground. Maybe thinking he has not seen me yet and I would take that moment to let the situation sink in. This is unprecedented and my actions were showing, is this what deer in the headlights feel like? Just unable to move out of fear but hanging on every second to not miss anything.

This did inspire a truly primal feeling that I had only felt a few times in my life like the fight or flight senses. I suddenly realized that I was being hunted. My heart race. Being out here, in the dark and it was only me and him. He makes his way through the iron gate and just stands there still. I could see from the light-colored concrete on the bridge that he was in all dark clothing revealing the outline of his body as he stood there. He starts to slowly walk toward me and I finally stand up to walk towards what could be my end.

We finally get face to face he removes what appears to be goggles, I can only assume they were night vision. He slowly raises a hand towards my face as I feel the edge of his cold hand with his index finger tracing along my jawline and leading down the front of my throat. Grasping onto the zipper of my jacket revealing my sudden chilled skin. His hands kept wandering to my hand. No words have been exchanged.

He grasps my hand and leads me to the wall of the bridge. For a moment he is behind me still holding one hand and he places it on the wall. I have turned my head to the left to be able to see him and our eyes were locked. Without breaking the gaze, he grabs my free hand and places that one on the wall forcing me to face forward. He runs his hands along my outline as if to feel each article of clothing and he made his way to my hips. He pulls my leggings down to my knees and all I can think is how cold it is. He rips my panties off and tosses them over the bridge and into the river. Fuck I loved that pair.

He leaned forward and I am almost positive he was smelling my hair, nuzzling to the neck. I had been hiking for two hours and had many moments of fear, this had me paranoid.  He made a low growl in my ear, and this startled me but was an incredible turn-on. My physical reactions were all their own as my back arched and my body was pressing against his. I felt both of his thumbs slide into the sides of my pants and quickly pulled them down. I felt his cold hand between my legs to feel my wetness and he slides his fingers into me with ease. Pulling his fingers out and tasting them, putting his fingers in my mouth for me to taste myself and his hand dragged along my skin leaving my scent on my face.  

I can only assume he was wearing sweatpants with the lack of zipper noise, button struggles, and no belt.  He quickly slid into me, and his hands curled up around my chest while we are facing the river although you can only see black. He was grunting loudly, and his thrust was almost angry. His right-hand grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls back and bit my neck hard and he continues to be as deep as possible.

I tried to turn so I could see him. As soon as I moved my hands, he was disrupted and instantly placed my hands back on the wall and slapped my ass. The cold wind made that much worse of a bite than it should have been. I was starting to understand his language.

I was his prey. He watched me through the woods leading to a dead-end where I would be forced to submit. I was totally into this. Questions and Words were not allowed in this space. I was the prize he won for his hunt and he was going to enjoy this.

I let him take me, leaning my head back and he would touch his head to mine while his hands explored my body. Every so often it was fun to toss his hand off to see how quickly he would place them back with a much stronger grip as if to give a warning. I wanted to test this so I moved my hip in a way to throw him off. His cock slid out of me, he grabbed another handful of my hair and pulled my back against his chest and his jawline on the side of my head. He leaned into my ear with a meaner-sounding growl, one of discontent. He slapped both sides of my ass hard and placed both of my hands back on the wall.

Fine. I was ready to stop testing and fully submit.

He slammed his hard cock into me, and I started to realize he was getting close. This power struggle was part of what he wanted, and I gave him exactly that. He steps back and turns my body and presses me down. His hands rest on the wall and I open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He was vocal and that is always a gusher moment for me. To know that I am pleasing him is everything to me.

Knowing that he doesn’t “need” me…he wants to use me means everything.


This was HOT AF to write. It brings me so much joy that there are people that love to read these. Writing has always been a hobby, also gives me a way to talk about my taboo life without being “out”

Tips (AKA the amazon lingerie Fund) are appreciated but never expected or demanded.

Pleasing you makes me humble.

..unless I’m being an uncooperative Brat…then Fuck You.


Cashapp $HousekeepingDFW






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