Stale Toast

I cannot say how many of my fuck buddies say that they are relieved that I am not “stale”
WTF? Stale? How does one do this? I can only assume they mean complacent, Jaded and Bitter. 
It can happen so easy, you lose all desire to work and decide personal value based on how busy you are. I know I am in DFW, a mecca for providers and clients alike. If I am slacking, there is nothing preventing you from seeing someone else.  Ive had regulars before and I just got too comfortable. Its not surprise when you stop hearing from them as much. 
I try my absolute best to keep things changing up. You probably have stale toast at dont need to go elsewhere to also have stale toast.  I love putting effort in to getting ready for you, I jam out in the bathroom in lingerie while doing my hair  waiting for time to pass. I want you to be amazed seeing me…every…single…time. 
I NEVER have the false idea that your going to see me, only me and never anyone else every again LOL thats just dumb.  I want you to go out and explore. I want you to knock things off that bucket list.  Explore different fantasies with random ass bitches.  Just dont be negative about it.  I also do not have the false idea that every guy is going to be a long term regular. I do get sad to think about how each of our “relationships” have an expiration date. On that note, that is why every single visit must be special. 
The last thing I want you to think is that I wait until the very last min and then half ass throw myself together and your a small inconvienent task that I can quickly get rid of. Never. If I dont want to see you, then I wont. I have limited availability so it is crucial for me to be selective on who I spend my time with. Please do not confuse this with Golden Pussy Syndrome (GPS). If Im choosing to spend time with you then do know it is because I genuinly enjoy you and want to go into this illusion with you. 
Sometimes you will go “where did ana go? she got silent” Im not in Jail (fingers crossed) when that happens. It could mean that Im under a exclusive “sugar contract” where I do not see anyone outside of that arrangement out of respect and agreement. I will not announce anything out of privacy for my SD. 
It could mean that Im dating someone and it may be going somewhere. I wont hobby during this time so I can go with the natural flow. If i dont, I tend to be “ANA” in the dating phase out of anxiety. It creates false expectations. Dating ana and dating me are waaayyyy different things. Ana would like to have sex all day, I would like to eat pizza, watch movies in bed, sleep and go to a museum. 
Worst case scenario, it means that I am becoming bitter and need to step away. This happens if I start to over analyze. I lOVE being a mistress but sometimes I go into dumb chick mode and get bent out of shape about always being the other woman. I used to think I was missing out, ive learned that nothing is being missed and I am totally fine with not sharing my bed.  
How does a provider avoid becoming bitter. We have all met that ho. She hates what she does, counting down the minutes until you leave and probably comes off as an angry feminist. Has major GPS and not appreciative of shit. PFFTTTTTT 
What that means is, she has been fucked over time and time again and needs to get some perspective. Either that or she is just being too freaking spoiled like some of these wives (I hear some stories!) The shutdown was MY much needed break. I was UTR for a few years and finally rediscovered my energy. It wasnt a burnout as much as battling my own demons. I am happy to have been back and finally feel in my groove. 

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