Orgasms and Disasters

I’ve said it before and will say it again, Sunday morning sex rocks. 
We had been doing the usual Snapchat flirtation and decided on early Sunday morning before checkout,.I already felt bad that he was driving such a long way to come see me but he said it was well worth it. I wanted to show my appreciation since I’m sure there could have been plenty of other capable women but he chose me.  This deserved something special.
Typically, I’m at the incall an hour before my visit to do my usual set up like hiding condoms all over the room LOL lighting a candle, stocking the fridge, picking out my lingerie, showering, hair removal touch up blah blah blah , etc. I knew that he had a long drive and figured I had an hour before I needed to slip out of my comfy bed and head to the hotel. 
I eventually try to slip out of the house, there are sleeping teens in every room. I know If I disturb them; donuts will be requested. So I gotta be slick and get through with minimal noise. By the time I get to the car, I get a text saying there was no traffic and he is close. 
Well shit. I was hoping to surprise him with Starbucks. but at this point, I was not expecting him for another 45-60 min. I recommended he could pick up coffee to kill time and I was 3 exits away. It all flashed before my eyes how unprepared I was at this moment and this was going to be comical. 
I’m in my chill clothes and slides. It suddenly hit me that this man, who just drove a long-ass way to see ME is about to see me in my chill lazy mom clothes, half-ass put together. It wouldn’t be my life if it stopped there so I stopped for a minute to put on bare minimum makeup and gather my thoughts. 
It was actually kinda cool. I instantly recognized him in the parking lot. We locked eyes as I drove past him. This was different, how am I supposed to be setting the mood and creating an illusion when I’m outside of the space I’m supposed to be doing it in? I had felt giddy and awkward trying to figure out if it was more appropriate to greet him at his door or just wait. He gets out of his pickup with coffee in hand and it was an instant click on sight. It felt natural. We had soft kisses while leaning on his truck, it was easy to forget that we were still outside in plain view. 
As we’re walking to the side door I suddenly remember everything that went on in the room before I left last night…shhiiiiitttt. 
I flooded my handicapped bathroom having some ballsy shower sex and had to use most of my towels to put on the floor. It was on my list to find housekeeping for more towels.. You would think there would be more than one drain in a handicapped bathroom where it is easy for water to go everywhere. 
Needless to say, the scene was just as bad as I would have thought. There was still a vibrator and paddle on the bed, Whiskey cups, my diet coke can, Whataburger trash, and looked like the aftermath of a fun night. My lace panties were still on the floor, my robe across the table, coset on the bed. 
it was a DISASTER! My inner perfectionist was dying. I’m so thrown off, No Scott Bradlee, lighting is stupid, no candle, no whiskey, and a fucked up bed. I’m rushing around the room grabbing anything I see and throwing it in the drawer. Mortified. 
I attempt to nervously mix the coffee this amazing man has brought me. This was nowhere near the standards I hold for my visits. This was supposed to be sweet, relaxed, and mind-blowing. I had to figure out how to change gears and get into my mode. Nope. 
He does not seem bothered by this at all. Men are amazing and resilient like that. Here I am all thrown off and freaking out inside my head and he was still able to get “that” look. I could tell he just wanted me at that moment and didn’t care about all the bs. 
ugggghhhh I just had yet another realization.
 Normally I get to my hotel room, strip down, get Dressed AND THEN you see me. Skipping a few steps has left me in a pair of pink/blue/purple tye dye cheeky underwear and a zebra print sports bra. Please, let me die at this moment.
 I overthink this and figure if I can keep eye contact and just my clothes off then maybe he won’t notice. Guys I’m dying laughing as I’m typing this in a confession style. 
This was not me in “Escort Mode”, this was me in “Mortified Girl Mode”. Lucky I wasn’t wearing jeans or real shoes or I would have been great friends with the floor. It was a losing battle for me.
Once all of that fiasco was over, it was just us on those white sheets. Now I felt back in my groove, it was just a rough landing from being thrown out of my routine. We were either in tune or he had mastered reading my very active body language. 
This man has a gift. I don’t know what the literal fuck it is that he did with his tongue but he is welcome to do that whenever he wants. I know you want the juicy stuff but I have a ritual for no real Kiss N Tell on Sundays. Not a religious thing, I just don’t LOL. 
He hung out while I packed up my room and we finished our coffee that we never got to. We were walking out the door together and housekeeping was just about to knock on the door, along with physical and mental chemistry we apparently have good timing.
It was what he said later that really made me tingle…
“Right now my thoughts are stuck on depriving your senses and licking every other part of your body..” 
Oh My, I didn’t realize this person could appeal to MORE than one of my multiple sides. Always exciting since it turns out like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get (dork moment). It could be coffee and cuddles or it could be getting tied up, blindfolded, and face fucked… tingle-inducing thoughts.
FFFUUUUCCCKKKK when any guy says hot shit like that. It’s what keeps my brain spinning and then makes me crave you…WTF…isn’t this supposed to be the other way around LOL! 

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