Kitten gets Throat Trained

*******A story that was sent to me and I loved it. Not my story.*******

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You were straightening up the kitchen when I found you there, the delicate muscles of your back flexing in time with whatever your hands were doing. I heard the clink of plates and glasses set down with care. I came up behind you and kissed the back of your neck. You shivered and cooed and leaned back against me. I wrapped my arms around you and slid my hands down your arms to your hands and took a plate from them and set it aside.

“That’s not where that goes,” you said and reached for the plate, but I gathered your arms up and pinned them to you with mine.

“I don’t care.”

“I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

“Again, Isabelle. I don’t care.”

“C’mon, stop. Just let me finish this.”

“No. No, I have something else for you to do.”

“Oh, yeah?” You said with a chuckle, “what’s that?”

“We’re going to train your throat, kitten.”

I turned you around and kissed you, hard and insistent, our tongues writhing and you moaned into my mouth as my hands stroked down your back to your ass and grabbed hold with both, rough and spreading. You whimpered. Then you looked down between us and saw the soft towel I’d folded double and dropped at your feet. You looked up at me with glinting eyes.

“What are you doing to do?”

“Anything I want, kitten.”

You shivered. I stripped your dress off and threw it aside, turned you and bent you over the kitchen counter and slid your panties down. Once on the ground, one hand reaching up to pin you to the counter by the small of your back, I ran my tongue up your thigh and to the crack of your ass, wetly tonguing you, driving my face into you, tasting deep and fucking you with my tongue. I moved a bit higher and slid my tongue into your asshole and used my other hand to gently stroke your clit and feathering movements. You moaned and pushed back and I spanked your ass with one hand.

“Not yet, kitten. When I say,” I spoke into your cunt in a low growl. I continued to eat you like a hungry animal. You rocked with the force of my jaws devouring you from behind. You cunt dripped down my chin. You tasted so good. Like a warm ocean. I stood and pinned your wrists to your back and tied your hands together with a handkerchief. Only then did I let you come back from the counter and I kissed you.

“That’s a good little pet,” I said as I pushed you to your knees and slid my stiffening cock between your eager lips. You looked up at me as you sucked and licked up and down the length. I pushed you back until I was pinning you to the counter, my cock sliding ever deeper into your mouth. I slid in and out gently, but you kept trying to do it for me.

“Shhh,” I whispered and stroked your face, “you don’t have to do a thing, kitten. This is for me to do, and for you to take. Can you be a good girl and take it for me?”

You nodded. Your mouth too full to speak.

“Good girl.”

I stroked your face again, your neck, and then I stepped forward and pushed my cock deeper into your mouth and the back of your throat. You bucked and tensed as you swallowed my cock. I drew back and you gasped. I let you breathe a moment and then slid forward again, gently fucking your pretty bulging throat in even strokes. Spit ran down my cock and off your chin, falling in a slick down between your tits and down to your pulsing cunt. My cock slick and wet with your spit, I slid it deeper into your throat and held it there. You flexed and gagged.

“Shhh. Hold it.”

You stilled. I pushed forward further and my cock slid into your tight throat.

“Good girl,” I whispered and pulled back as you gagged and fell against me gasping and panting for air. I leaned down and kissed your sloppy mouth, licking the saliva from your chin and kissing it back into you. I whispered good girl over and over as I kissed you, kissed along your jaw to your neck and your ear. Then I stood and resumed your training, fucking your gagging throat slow and deep and evenly, sawing my hard cock in and our of your drooling mouth. You coughed and gasped and looked up at me with worshipful eyes, begging for more, hoping that I’d stop. Hoping I’d have mercy. Hoping that I wouldn’t.

“Come here, little one,” I said and picked you up in my arms and carried you into the bedroom. You buried your face in the crook of my neck as I lay you down on the bed, untied your hands and re-secured them in the front.

“So you’ll be comfortable,” I said and kissed you again. You looked around the bed and saw a variety of toys scattered around it.

“Oh, no,” you said with a little shiver.

“Oh, yes,” I said and knelt between your legs, wrapping one hip up in my arm and using my legs to spread yours wide and hold them there. I reached out and picked up a toy, holding the buzzing little device in my palm as I slid my fingers into your sopping cunt and let my thumb dance over your clit. You arched back into the mattress.

“Fuck!” You cried out. I kissed your hip in answer and continued to work my fingers inside you, fucking you deep and slow while I teased your clit, the vibrations from the toy traveling across my hand and into and against you. You writhed and shook, your cunt primed for such attention. I could feel your contracting cunt flex around my fingers, your convulsions telling me how close you were. I backed away, took my fingers from your clit and slowing my curling fingers in your cunt. You looked at me in pleading confusion.

“Shhh,” I said. “I’ve got you, kitten. There’s no rush. This is all about you.”

I returned to my work. Your shaking resumed again. You looked at me with wide, brown eyes, begging to be released. I backed off again. You whimpered.

“You fucker,” you said with a pleased, warm expression, knowing this was all for you, that I had no other concern but your pleasure and that it should be prolonged and built like a song, like a work of art I was fashioning from your reactions.

“Please,” you begged.

I grinned and began again, kissing your hip. You tried to close your legs, but I held them, my arms flexing and holding you in just the position that I wanted. This time I didn’t stop, I continued until your contractions came fast and hard and repeated, your legs tensing against the tension of my grip. You rattled on the bed and you threw back your head as you toppled over the edge, screaming as my hands continued to work you past the point of pleasure and into a kind of over stimulated pain. You tried to sit up, but I held you down. You writhed and bucked as I teased your swollen cunt. You did manage to get loose, and I shifted around behind you and cradled you against me in the cage of my arms and held you to me.

“No, kitten. You’re not done yet. That cunt belongs to me and I’ll tease it long as I want.”

I held my hand with the buzzing toy cupped against your cunt and you screamed at me, in my ear.

“Such a good girl,” I whispered in your ear, “that’s it. Stay here. Ride it out with me, I’ve got you, I’ve got you, I’ve got you. Shhhhhhh. Good girl.”

You whimpered, unable even to form words as I tossed the toy aside and slid my strong, curling fingers inside you and crooked against your cunt, timing my movements with the waves and waves of your aftershocks. You gasped and shook and banged against my chest as I held you down, held you against me, held you safe and wanted. Finally, I stopped, finally I allowed you to come down. I reached down and untied your hands, rubbing your wrists where the kerchief had made them red. I kissed your neck and your cheek and finally your mouth when you limply turned to face me.

“Shhh. Good girl,” I said and held you close and protected. “Just stay there. Enjoy it. Shhh.”

“What… what about?” You tried to speak.

“This was all about you, kitten. You just lay here against me. Daddy’s got you.”


“Hush now,” I said and stroked your hair. “Hush. You can see to me later.”

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