If your still here

My sexual journey met my inner D&D Dungeon Master and decided to run with it. I’ve decided to just throw the rule book and expectations out the 6th-floor window of the JFK museum. I have always been a GFE because that is what comes naturally to me. I’ve been in the hobby since 2009…I’m fucking bored with that bullshit. Yes, I love affection and cuddles and the loving session is great but I am BORED. 
I’m at this point in my life I am happy with being single. I love every moment. I get lonely from time to time and totally love a romantic tryst. For over ten years, I have worried about what was going to make me popular & Rich. I need more than that. I’m not your regular escort, my soul needs to be fed. 
Yes, I’m promiscuous and love being used as your little fuck toy.
It is not even fair to give me a “Type”…
I lost a lot of interest when I started going towards the fetish side (OVER HALF), that’s ok! There is a whole boatload of freaks that don’t mind me. It is not like that for me in the real world. In the real world, I feel truly alone. It was a spark that I desperately needed. Sure I can handle just being a slut but I’m American and always want MORE.
I’m sad for those I’ve lost and those I will lose. Sadly your erection is not worth my true happiness. I will gladly serve you in any way that I can…or resist serving you…your choice. 
To just do what would make me tolerable (GFE) wouldn’t kill me but why not add in my own kinks if guys like it?
I try to be thorough with these evolving thoughts of things that turn me on before I post them. I have a few admirers that have fun reading my blog and catching these breadcrumbs I throw out. It’s crazy sweet in itself to even consider what I would like instead of only worrying about your own pleasure. I appreciate it since this is about YOU and not necessary to focus on me at all. However, make sure you have a grip on the concept before you try things WE haven’t done. This is to make sure that you understand what/why it is and what about that appeals to me. 
There are still things I wanna do but am not going to blend that stuff with the hobby. There are many studies backing some of these sexual theories but I am studying those myself. Maybe one day I will divulge that information. I’ve had moments where I can experience true happiness and it’s not even sexual. I would be horrible at describing it which is why I cant at this time. 
I appreciate you guys that are still here with me, it means the world…You get to see me grow on my journey, are you on yours? Or are you just meeting primal need?

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