I have an Idea, Sir.

He has always been able to read me and I would like to say I have been able to read him even when he is being complicated. If I had to describe him….he is the equivalent of a mind fuck movie that had an amazing twist plot end that leaves you with questions that keep you up at night. 
I know, I know. Why can’t I just see people and not wonder about them, I wish I had an answer. I could just treat yall like numbers and drain your wallets but I love people and the type of connection I have with them. Every person is truly different. 
This guy is the one I’m always iffy about. I’m crazy about him because he is that image that fits the mold of the type of person that I always saw myself with, great in bed and a total gentleman (he has been mentioned before). Sadly like most guys in the hobby he is married meaning I get minimal interaction, I’m well aware that is how it’s supposed to be. Trust me when I say I’m aware that I do not function normally. I like my connections.  Sometimes he can do something that drags me through emotional turmoil with the smallest act and yet I still cant wait to see him, all hobby girls are fucked up LOL There is a reason you married her but fuck me 😉
*FYI I say fucked up shit like that because I can and it also holds the reality line for me. 
Either our dynamic changed and my brat side is gonna make me pay for it or I did something actually bad and I’m going to emotionally pay for it. 
Both suck. Communication is Key. 
 On a normal day, I would have my music set, lighting set, his whiskey already waiting with his cold bottle of Sparkling water. I would normally have every intention of aggressively greeting his lips so he knows that I’ve been thinking about him.
This feels different. I know that he is not someone to put up with shit on any level. That is the type of person that I want to be completely good for but my brat side thinks it’s fun to just pop out and push-buttons. I popped off and instantly knew it was a fuck up and hopefully on a fun level but I see some slightly harsh spankings in my hopefully near future. 
TIP****once I’ve gone a few days without getting fucked, either the Brat or Slut takes over. I will start to poke the bear when I want attention. I do my best to only Brat with consent but sometimes that silly bitch just goes nuts. I like if you tell me the vibe you are going for….Am I seemingly resisting and angry?Do you want to work for my submission?Do you want me to just be a Good Girl and Submit?
It was beyond perfect. He was hitting every sensory button I had leading me to be soaked before he ever touched me. I knew he would have that perfect dominant personality that I craved but I can’t just instruct you guys to do what I want, that’s a weird scenario for why we are all here. He has always fed whatever my current fantasy was, I figured we were just in tune. I know I am here for your pleasure and will gladly do nearly whatever you want.
I’ve replayed our last encounter in my mind more times than id like to admit. The way he positioned his hands firmly on my head, his breathing changed as he thrust faster into my mouth and released his sweet load in my mouth. He tasted so good and I got every last drop. He knows I love praise and he did so while stroking my hair. I couldn’t wait to do it again.
Things changed. I’m lost. Stuck on the thought.
However, I created my own funishment that I hope he will agree to because that would be the hottest shit ever. I’d like to be on his Good Side so he knows his happiness means the world to me. It’s something he would really like. He mentioned it before and I just wasn’t mentally prepared for that at that point in time. I’d like to give that to him now but with added bonuses.

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