How I “fell” into the Hobby and became an “Accountant”

Like tripping and falling on a dick, I tripped and fell into the hobby. 
First I would like to say that I had a great childhood, my father didn’t rape me and no weird uncle Bobs. 
I was raised in a very unconventional home. My mother was a lesbian that worked on Harry Hines as a streetwalker who was brought up in Vegas. My sister who mainly took care of me was a Well known dancer at Dallas Babydolls for over 10 years and was featured on many of their billboards. I grew up thinking the adult industry was very normal and everyone does it at some point, just FYI, I was not groomed for it.
I admit to doing some unmentionable things stemming from AOL chat by the time I was 15 years old. The first time I made big cash, I remember young goth me going into Hot TOPIC and buying the most beautiful $200 dress. I wore it every day that summer. Still no Shame. 
If I would have known how much cash I could have made as an 18-year-old LOL! I worked at a Strip club the day I turned 18 and failed miserably having zero rhythm and no industry knowledge or skills. I fake a sprained ankle and never go back. By 19 I had my first legit Sugar Daddy. He was amazing. Had a love for me being goofy, spoiling me rotten, and even bought me a 1987 Cherry Red, White ragtop convertible BMW. 
When I was 20, I was living in the middle of nowhere, Alabama. I was working at a Cracker Barrel and rage quit because of my asshole boss.  I was going broke and answered an agency ad, they seemed nice. If I knew what I knew now. This was really a very tiny, very pregnant black chick who wanted to train me how to safely work in the industry. I didn’t know at the time but she was a pimp, my young ignorant self wasn’t aware women could be pimps. There were a lot of shitty things in between but by the end of day 2 I left without giving her “her” cut. 
A week goes by and I think I’m safe. I’m putting ads up on backpage. My first call was at a motel 6. Worst Mistake.They tell me room 202 so I go upstairs, no one was answering. He says “oh my bad, it’s 102”. I came down the stairs and when I turned the corner I was hit so hard I fell. They continued to beat me until a car pulled up and I was forced inside. I had nothing for them. They throw my glasses out the window, buckle me in and take my wallet. I was an out of work waitress, of coarse I had nothing. They wanted to have me call my family, then found I have none. I was useless to them. 
They made threats, randomly cut me, stripped me, and left me naked in the motel 6 parking lot. They took my car keys, my wallet and just left. Nothing ever came of that. I ran my ass back to Texas. 
So here I was, back in Texas, Single and a Sex addict. 
I was working a minimum wage job at a bakery, walking there at 4am. I was making enough to get a small one-bedroom apartment in Bedford which my father co-signed for. His words precisely were “ill kill you if you fuck up my perfect credit score”
Life was going well. I would go to boomer jacks on paydays which happen to be $2 you call its, perfect for my sad checks. Get trashed off of a $10 check and stumble my ass home to eat leftovers from the bakery LOL Oh how I don’t miss being broke and stupid. Sometimes I would hook up with guys from boomers and sometimes guys from craigslist. 
One guy in particular, not even sure how we found each other online but we were gonna meet for drinks at boomers. He got there early and I was still getting my nails done. He sat there with me and then I was beyond shocked when he paid for my nails. At this point the most anyone has bought me in life was a drink. 
He had unbelievable stamina, we went at it until nearly sunrise. I could NOT keep up with this guy. I was exhausted. As he was leaving he told me to look by my laptop and call him if I had any questions. Confused as ever I go to look. There were 200 and a list of websites. This guy thought I was a Hooker??? I was livid and Lost. 
With his help, I became verified on Preferred411 and EECIE in 2009. We are still friends to this day and still cannot keep up with him. This is the same guy whose wife has walked in while her husband’s dick was in my mouth and told me to not stop because he would lose it and I would have to start all over.
There has never been a time that I regretted being in the hobby. It has brought me so much happiness on different levels and gives me the ability to live a life I would not be able to otherwise. Thank you for keeping me relevant.

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  1. You write in complete sentences, and most of your grammar is spot-on correct. So where in this disaster-prone life did you get an education?


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