Fun-ishment VS Punishment

Rules are created and the submissive is expected to follow them. Obviously in the agreement between dom and sub has clauses for when those rules are broken. These are examples that are simple rules but easy to forget like addressing the Dom by their preferred title (sir, master, daddy, etc). Every action will have a consequence. Good or Bad

Fun-ishment is self-explanatory. This is something that could seem like a punishment that the Submissive enjoys. There is a difference between fun spanking and “you fucked up” spanking. To me, this is Face Fucking and “making me”, really any time is appropriate to put a dick in my mouth. 

There are going to be things that make you go WTF like having to use chopsticks to pick up rice and put them in a cup. Then my brat side is going to knock that shit over while flipping you off. Not all of it is sexual, most of BDSM is Mental. This could also just be a way to stir up trouble in a good way. 

Punishment sucks. I was made to stand in the corner because I was being sassy. I felt small in a huffy puffy way. I’m not going to give anyone the other ideas. I despise actual torture. I saw a tik tok the other day and while it was cool, I knew I couldn’t share it bc it would happen LOL

Once again all of these things are decided on during the discussion 

On to the last thing. Rewards. I’m not talking about finances. We reward good behavior when people do things we like, right? When I am in subspace, I need reassurance that I am pleasing to you. This can be as simple as saying “Good Girl”, permitting me to cum, or telling me how happy it makes you. 

Aftercare is separate from rewards and is mandatory. Without this, I will go into a very dark state of depression and spend all day crying, I’ve learned my lesson. This is just a simple act that brings me back down safely in a parachute instead of feeling like I slammed into a brick wall. Cuddling is the universal thing but fair warning I get super lovey-dovey. I love my head being rubbed or my cheek being caressed. I love to be your sex doll but I still need to protect my mental health. 

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