A very Vivid Dream

I was blind folded, laying on my stomach, knees bent up, fishnet covered feet in the air. My chin in my hands, I listened for Daddy to return to the room. He instructed me that no matter what I could not take my blind fold off until he said I could. I thought I knew what he might have planned but I didn’t know if he would actually do it.

Earlier that week he told me he booked a nice room downtown for our time. He suggested I bring some cute lingerie so he could take some pics of me sucking his dick, in the nice room, in front of the big windows.

He said he had visitors coming to give me a surprise. I heard Brian, but then I heard someone wearing a jacket that was a little noisy, and then my suspicions were confirmed. Although I didn’t know who he would have found to join us, my mind was racing trying to figure out who it might be. They were both silent, I only heard the sounds of them moving around the room. Until that sound got closer and it was clear that someone was heading towards me.

A very faint spicy cologne scent filled my nose first, I am not normally a fan, but it smelled great coming from this person and without sight I was already attracted. Before I could finish that thought I felt a hand on my chin, and a thumb gently pull down my pouty bottom lip, then a warm smooth cock head pressed gently between my slightly parted lips.

I opened my mouth wide, allowing the already rock hard cock, to slide in further. I pressed my tongue along the wide underside while he was pushing further into my mouth, and was rewarded with a soft masculine moan. I still could not place who this was. Suddenly my bare ass was slapped hard and he grabbed both cheeks, it almost seemed like he was pulling my face towards him harder while he thrusted into my mouth.

The stranger picked up pace with each thrust, saliva was spilling down my lips, each time he hit the back of my throat, gagging me. My hands reached out, groping for his hips, they were narrow, and his skin was very warm. I gripped him and ran my hands up his sides. I felt muscle, tone, not a six pack or anything bulky but a lean toned physique, and this was not a person I knew. This was indeed a stranger, realizing this turned me on even more, my pussy gushed, and I moaned on his long cock.

Brian’s voice broke the silence from somewhere close, “Angel, you can take off the blindfold now that you know what your surprise is.” I debated since I love the blindfold but did as instructed

I take good care to continue sucking this man’s delicious cock at the same pace while I reach for my blindfold. I was enjoying the different width, the different length, even the smell. It wasn’t better, but different.

I pulled off the blind fold, tossing it aside and cast my eyes upwards at the tall, lean body in front of me, then to the face. I was pleasantly surprised when the stranger turned out to be rather attractive, with a thin roman nose, and high cheekbones. His hair was black salt and pepper, shaved along the sides and back with a bit of longer, wavy hair on top. His green eyes watched me take that long, throbbing cock through my lips before locking with mine. I blushed and looked down, putting more effort into my already enthusiastic blow job.

His fingertips were stretching down the top of my lace teddy, reaching for a nipple, but the angle wasn’t right. I opened my eyes and looked up when I felt his dick pulling out of my mouth.

The stranger spoke, “Come here.”

I stood up and came around to the edge of the bed, sitting in front of him, legs slightly spread.

He stood a foot or two away, assessing me. His eyes moved from being locked with mine, down my chest, stopping between my thick thighs.

“You are very sexy,” he stated, as though it were a fact, not an opinion.

Standing a few feet from the bed, Brian beamed down at the scene, his large, tattooed, forearms crossed over his broad chest. He looked like my warden, my master, making sure I was fulfilling a duty, or that I was obeying what these men wanted me to do. This thought made my pussy gush wetness that seeped to my thighs. His blue eyes burned into mine, and a devilish smile spread across his face. When I saw his thick cock was hard in his jeans, pressing against the fly, I moaned into the stranger’s mouth.

His kiss became more needy, he nipped at my bottom lip, demanding my attention. Then his knee pressed between mine, kneeling on the bed, his knee an inch from my dripping pussy. He reached down, pushed two fingers between my slick lips, finding my clit immediately. He pushed those thin fingertips down to my soaking entrance and pulled more moisture back up. His other hand was pushing my shoulder back, his lips pressed against mine again, the whole while his fingers played between my wet pussy lips.

I took his hint and scooted back on the bed, breaking the kiss, but his fingers didn’t stop moving methodically over my clit. The stranger’s eyes locked onto mine, and he ran a large hand over my fishnet stocking covered thighs. His eyes still on mine, he bowed his head, parted his lips, and his tongue lashed out. I threw my head back, unable to keep eye contact, after his tongue swiped my clit just once.

He was very deliberate with his strokes, very precise. Every swipe of his warm slick tongue was targeted, and he kept it a little rigid, a little hard. Quick hard licks over my clit, then down my wet slit, and I’d feel that tongue tip hit my hard little clit again. I was bucking my hips up to meet his tongue and clutching his hair in my fists, pushing his face down further between my lips. I was so close to orgasm, and we just started.

My head fell to the side, and I looked for Brian. He was sitting at the bottom of the bed with just an unbuttoned shirt on. His thick cock was at full attention, and was wet at the top with precum. The sight of my favorite toy so ready for me, paired with the tongue lashings from the stranger, sent me over the edge.

I clutched at the stranger’s toned shoulders, his tongue didn’t relent as my body shook, and my pussy gushed into his mouth.

“That’s so good, oh my god, oh my god,” I was able to whimper out before my words became moans.

The stranger continued his oral assault on my slit as I continued to shake with orgasm. Moaning, thrusting my hips against his face. Brian’s hands were running over my nipples, lightly pinching, then releasing. He looked focused on getting them as hard as he could.

I let those mouths and fingers play with my body until I couldnt handle it anymore and plead for one of them to please fuck me, at least for a little while.

The stranger slid on a condom, gripped my hip firmly, flipping me over on my stomach. I stuck my ass out, and got on my knees on the bed, he stood against the edge of the bed, behind me.

Brian was on his knees facing me and I took his hard dick in my hands as I felt the stranger’s long hot cock enter my slippery pussy, it was a slow but hard thrust, he and I both grunted when his balls slammed against my ass. His long long cock was buried in me as far as he could go. I grinded my thick ass against him harder, soliciting another deep moan. His strokes became long and hard, so his hips slapped against my ass hard. The slaps and moans almost drowning out or sex playlist.

“Ohhh yes, fuck me hard, that’s so good,” I pulled Brian’s cock from my mouth to turn my head and compliment the stranger.

His thrusts were forcing my face into Brian’s pelvis hard, and each time he pounded into me, Brian’s fat cock was driven against the back of my throat. I took care in running my tongue along the underside of his thick shaft, as it rammed into my mouth. His hands held onto my head, and his head bowed forward, he was watching his dick get fucked into my throat. I moaned on his cock, and slammed my hips back against the stranger’s long cock, meeting his thrusts.

“You can spank my ass if you want,” I turned my head to look at him.

With his eyes locked on mine he smiled, raised his hand and slapped my ass, once, hard. The smack stung, I could feel his large hand print burning, and I liked it.

He thrust his hips even harder against me driving his cock deep into me, fucking Brian’s dick into my mouth. I was completely lost in ecstacy, I was feeling so many sensations at once, physically and mentally.

There were two excessively attractive men servicing me, worshipping my body, and there were two larger than average dicks being plunged into each end of me with four hands running all over my curvy body.

Brian grabbed onto my pigtails, “you’re such a good girl Angel, yet there is a stranger fucking you right now.” His hips picked up pace against my face, matching the strangers assault on my pussy, “and you love it.”

The stranger reached under our bodies and worked his fingers between my pussy lips. He pushed hard on my clit, then dipped his finger a little lower where my cum was pooling and pulled it up, rubbing it through my pussy lips and back to my hard little clit. I moaned loudly and whimpered as I grinded my pussy against his hand, and then against his throbbing cock pounding into me from behind.

I cast my eyes up, meeting Brian’s, and moaned on his deliciously wide cock. His grip on my pigtails grew tighter and his gaze fixed above my head, behind me. He was watching the stranger fuck my wet pussy, while he fucked my eager mouth. He shook and exploded in my down my throat, I hummed on his dick while I sucked his load, never losing pace with the rhythm of the cock fucking me from behind.

Brian pulled away to rest and watch for a moment, and the stranger gripped my hip tightly, “I want you on your back,” He spoke quietly, not in a whisper or a hushed tone, just loud enough for me to hear and obey him.

I rolled over on my back and once again was face to face, staring into those unfamiliar green eyes. He grabbed me by my ankles, positioning my plump ass against his cock, and my legs up his lean torso. He slid his dick into my slippery entrance easily, while maintaining eye contact, this was his hardest, deepest thrust yet. He drove his long, hard dick down into me again and again, he wrapped one arm around my calves, and pushed my hips up further with his, getting even harder and deeper penetration. My pussy was so wet that the sounds of his cock slamming in and out of it were as loud as our moans. Suddenly he was pulling my thighs apart, lying between them, his lips covering mine, then biting my lower lip, and moving to my upper lip. His thrusts became faster, harder, more shallow, he was moaning into my mouth.

I turned my head to find Brian, he was at the end of the bed, watching us, smiling. I smiled at him before closing my eyes to try focusing on all of the pleasure, mentally and physically.

Those unfamiliar lips were climbing up my throat, leaving a trail of goose bumps across my skin. I felt his heavy breath against the side of my neck, and his hips pound against mine, then a nibble just below my ear.

Between his clenched teeth, still lightly gripping my flesh the stranger moaned, “fuuuuuuck!”

His forearms on each side of my head and his hands holding my pig tails as he rammed his pelvis against mine, one last time. I locked my ankles around his back, trying to get his long cock as deep inside of me as possible. His body shook hard with his orgasm, and collapsed on mine, with his head on my shoulder.

After a few breaths he secured his grip on the condom and pulled himself up.

I rolled over and spread my limbs on the bed.

“Oh my god, you guys, this is fucking amazing,” I exclaimed at the ceiling.

The stranger sauntered towards the bed confidently, I eyed him as he laid down next to me.

“I don’t even know you and you just fucked my shit up,” I glanced at him smiling.

He stretched his hand towards me, “Hi Angel, I’m Peter, it’s a pleasure to meet you”.

I shook it and the three of us laughed at the formality of it all.

We spent the next hour laying in bed, me between the two, talking about science fiction tv and music.

I was feeling very turned on again, my thighs pressed against each of theirs. I reached my hands under the sheet that covered us all and started stroking both of their dicks. Soon I felt each of their hands moving to my thighs.

Brian turned towards me, and then Peter got on his knees facing me, while their fingers worked their way to my hot pussy. Peter stroked my clit, and Brian played with the edge of my very wet entrance. I stroked both of their cocks while they worked my pussy, both of them looking down at me, I took turns looking up at each, watching them work. Two men fingering me at the same time had always been a fantasy of mine and I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. It lived up to all of the hype, and even the most indulgent fantasy I had.

Peter’s finger tips ran through my dripping wet slit, running circles around my clit.

I did my best to concentrate on the hand jobs I was giving them. Taking special care to lick my hand, adding saliva, and stroking more. I leaned my head under Peter’s legs to take his balls in my mouth and lick up the center crease while I worked the shaft with my left hand, and ran my finger tip around the top of Brian’s pre-cum covered cock head. Pulling the moisture into my palm so I could work it up and down his thick shaft.

After a few strokes of my flat palm, I wrapped my fingers around Brian’s girth. I pumped up to his large cock head, then down to his balls, slowly. I kept a constant rhythm, and a grip just tight enough that his dick slid easily through my fist. He was pumping two fingers in and out of my wet pussy, matching the rhythm of my hand jacking him off.

Both Brian and the stranger held on to one of my pig tails while they worked on my pussy. Peter’s fingers slipped over my clit harder and faster, making it impossible for me to concentrate on the blow job I was giving him. I was beginning to lose time with the hand job I was giving Brian.

One of them suddenly was pinching a nipple through the fabric of my teddy. It was a light pinch, into a tug, and then my silk covered nipple would slip through their fingers, my breast bounces back. Just to have my nipple captured between fingers again. It felt like there were hands all over my body, fingers pleasuring me everywhere.

I broke eye contact with Brian and looked down to see it was Peter’s fingers playing with my nipple, while maintaining a steady rhythm over my hard slippery clit with the fingers on his other hand. I cast my eyes up to meet his, but they were looking down. It looked like he was watching his and Brian’s hands working on my hot and dripping pussy.

He pushed a single fingertip against the top of my clit, pushing it into me and rubbing his finger in hard circles. It was a sudden change in his technique and rhythm, my pussy clenched, then gushed. The pleasure was so great, it felt so good that I clamped my knees together, holding the stranger’s finger against me while I bucked my hips against his hand. The whole while Brian continued his steady pace of fucking me with two fingers, pulling large amounts of my cum out on his fingers with each thrust.

Peter stopped playing with my nipple, grabbed my knee, and pulled it away from the other, spreading my legs wide.

His gaze moved up my body and met my eyes, “your legs stay open,” he stated quietly as his eyes locked with mine, his finger continuing it’s work.

Brian was spreading my cum around my pussy, up to Peter’s finger, working my clit, then back down to my dripping hole. He’d work that wet finger in with another, slowly, then pump in and out of my pussy. He matched the rhythm the stranger kept on my clit, his thick fingers filled me up again and again. I rocked my hips to meet the thrusts of his fingers, and raised my pelvis, humping against Peter’s hand.

I started to cum, my body tensed and I was shaking. There were waves of intense pleasure, like many tiny orgasms building up to a big one. The men pushed their fingers against me and into me even harder, bringing the tiny climaxes on again and again, until my pussy was so tender that I had to stop them.

“Oh, my god you guys, no more,’ my voice shuttered with another spasm.

I was finally able to force my eyes open, and was greeted by two pairs of gorgeous eyes devouring me.

Brian sat up and got onto his knees at the edge of his side of the bed. He grabbed an ankle and pulled it to him, turning my body toward him and my head against the stranger’s torso. Brian knelt between my legs, positioning his fat cock against my dripping wet entrance. He grabbed my thighs, pulling me fast and hard against him while thrusting his hips. His cock slammed into my wet pussy easily, my wetness dripped down my thighs.

“Fuck yes,” I moaned through gritted teeth, as Brian continued pounding my dripping pussy.

I felt the stranger’s weight leave the bed momentarily, and then he was kneeling at my head. I tilted my head back to look at him, and he pushed his long, hard cock against my lips from above. I let my jaw relax and my mouth open, and his dick slid right in.

His strokes were slow, contradicting Brian’s thrust, which were hard and fast. Brian would drive his cock into me so hard that my head would bob back forcing the stranger’s cock deeper into my mouth, against my throat. I reached out and held his hips pulling him into my wet mouth harder, until he was fucking it as hard as Brian was pounding my pussy.

I was moaning on the stranger’s long cock, clutching Brian’s arm. I was lost in the pleasure of being completely used. These men were using me to get off, I was their sex toy, they wanted to play with me, share me.

A quiet moan and grunt came from above me, and Peter tensed.

“Can I cum in your mouth”? He asked quietly, his eyes boring into mine.

I shook my head, yes, and glanced down at Brian, fucking me. He was watching the scene with interest. The stranger’s cock got thicker and erupted into my mouth, shooting his cum against the back of my throat. I held on to him, holding as much of his big cock in my mouth as I could. I suctioned onto his throbbing dick, sucking the cum from him, and swallowing it without hesitation

Moments later Brian tensed, holding his pelvis into mine, his thick cock filled me so completely. I gripped his sides with my knees, using the leverage to thrust my hips with his. I flexed my muscles holding onto his cock with my pussy

“Your pussy feels so good,” Brian breathed down at me, his eyes locked with mine while he filled me with his cum.

His big hands held my thighs tight and I watched his biceps flexing. I love his meaty, strong arms, and how easily they can move me where he wants me.

He backed away and headed to the bathroom to clean up, passing Peter who was gathering his garments.

I didn’t move from the spot I was in on the bed, laying on my back. I tilted my head back so I could watch him walk toward me. He sat on the edge of the bed just behind my head, getting his clothing back on.

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