Fat Duck

I could not begin to put words to my weekend, Ive been trying for a little over 12 hours and keep failing. So why not do what I do best and process by typing…
The weekend was already going to be exciting, kid-free, school free and not a care in the FN world. It has been a seriously long time since having a opportunity like that, to be able to ANYTHING i wanted. Ive also never been away from them for more than 2 days. Golden Moments. Keep in mind that Im over 30 LOL so the first night I stayed home with the dog, pizza and hulu.
My hotel was a dream as far as the room went, it was huge and resembled a small apartment.  Saturday was great with no complaints, im starting to think all guys drink pineapple juice. I had a visit for saturday night that I was very much looking forward to and did my silly extra touches. The front desk calls me and says that they only gave me that suite because my room was not available upon check in and that my room was now available. I was livid since I had everything in its place and if youve seen me you know I do not just do the bare minimum. I did what would be considered a small move but did that chick long mental loop around and discovered it was a better thing. It was a totally fresh room that was not much different for the visit I was really anticipating. Spent the rest of the afternoon putting my room back how I wanted and then went to victoria secrets. He is always doing such sweet stuff for me so I was trying to show my appreciation and knew he would like this. I have yet to feel confident to take photos with it LOL I despise how ALL clothes are meant for short women but I will make it work, My tits dont really wanna fit but the shoulder straps are beautiful. 

I had already been vetting him for another want of mine and he was hitting every perfect detail. We share hobbies in and out of the bedroom, I just feel comfortable and safe around him and can be as weird as I want and it doesnt phase him. I can be as romantic in a twisted reality or as much of a cumslut and he still grabs my ass the same way. 
Always comes in with a duffle bag, a carefully packed bag full of fun toys. each time I see something new and each time I see a single preview of next time. Ive heard about other things in the bag that I hope to experience one day. I wouldnt fall into a Vat of Acid for him but I would definately let him tie me down and do whatever the fuck he wanted. 
Honestly I was in my fluffy sub space mentality so I really could not give you a play by play of everything. I could tell you how I felt going through the night but could not tell you in what order events happened, what was used or what I saw. Mainly because for the most of the evening I had a blindfold on and saw nothing. 
I can say what things he did that made me gush. UGH when he calls me babygirl I lose my shit mentally. When his hand is on the back of my head and he is sliding it to my throat he traces his finger along my jawline. He would randomly lick my skin just in small spots, it is slightly animalistic and I love it. 
This made me think of things way out of my norm, not going to voice that yet because things tend to happen when I put it in the universe and Im not sure how I feel about it yet. Remember while I am here for your pleasure, i hope it will be my pleasure. This is also my journey 😉 Im into it and that is why im different.

I promise you I was not drugged, it was being able to stay in that mindset for an extended amount of time was pure something….still not a word for that. Subspace is called that for a reason. I know there was alot of throat training, over and over, spanking and countless orgasms.
This is Not just a dom. This is a High Stamina Pleasure Dom. 
we had discussed him staying over since we were driving to the caverns the next day and I figured why not. It was nice to sleep next to another person and surprisingly curled up on him and passed out without a problem. 
Our morning consisted of having coffee in bed and sweet sunday morning sex. showering in this double head shower (amazing) where there was alot of no hands lathering. Pouring soap on my body and rubbing myself all over him.
Then before we packed we figured out how he was going to tie me the luggage cart that we so conviently kept in the room.
My Daddy spoils me and I LOVE every second of it. 
We checked out and drove a few hours to Georgetown to go walking through the caverns and it was beautiful (Last week we went to the Dallas World Aquarium, he knows how to make my inner nerd smile.) We got the coffee cup and started the long drive home. Stopped at this beyond amazing bakery and now im kinda mad its so far away. We were both so tired but his calm personality kept me from being a cranky bitch. It was beyond amazing, over 24 hours and I didnt want to kill someone LOL!
I loved how I could do the PDA thing with him bc we were way away from home. Im sure people thought I was an attention starved cat….i totally am 😂

I am chillin today….obviously happily stunned.

***Lets break down this psychology about this type of dynamic for your better understanding before going further. This is not a rape/pedo/incest thing. Those are just roles that are given names to things our mind is famiiliar with. “Daddy” is a term for someone who is around, safe, loves you and pops that ass when you get out of line so how would being that role be bad. Now if you say something along the lines of “dont tell mommy” then that is incest play. I feel its important you know the difference. 
What did my Father do? What’s my Daddy issue? He let me do whatever I wanted, no rules. LOL my father is a great guy and never did anything wrong besides be a lenient parent and gave me everything I wanted. Am I starting to make more sense? I also love doing whatever I want and I like being put in my place sometimes.
In the breakdown of BDSM, you are doing the process of healing yourself or improving your life in some way. I know I am attracted to DOMS that have qualities I admire. So I guess what I learned about myself if that I like stern (typically older) men because I lack(ed) discipline in my life. I enjoy this form of CBT (cognitive behavior therapy/training) I enjoy correction in a sexy way. You dont get to shake your head and enjoy the perks LOL! 
Im not saying anyone has to do this ever. Its weird when people try new things and then its obvious that they have zero clue or just throw that shit out out from left field, please do not do that. Sometimes it works and other times it backfires. One guy assumed I was a dom and i had to take the wheel….ewwwwww. I can but why would I? I did bc I understood what he was needing from me and I understand the urge. I did not understand mine until now but stepping out of my role is just weird. 
ALL things are between consenting adults.

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