Schedule 5/2-5/6 May 2022–Finals Week

This message will self distruct after its expiration. I have been trying to find a more efficient way to post availability for "Book Signings" instead of jumping to a million sites and making it difficult. I think i will sticky a note to the top of the blog that says when I'm available for "Book... Continue Reading →

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A little hello…

May 19th Outcall Available May 20th Outcall Available May 21 Outcall Available I go back to class May 31st, luckily my classes are mainly in the morning and that is just in time to have a naughty lunch break. School books get pricey seriously. They are stupid expensive for digital books. Amon Carter Museum... Continue Reading →

How is it May already?!

I swear it was just Christmas and now its quickly turned into finals week. In that statement is good news, I will be out of class until 5/31 (no real rest for the wicked or determined). So, for a little over 3 weeks I will have a more open schedule with incall opportunity and hopefully... Continue Reading →

April Update

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good HAHA The semester is almost over and then I will be able to breathe long enough to keep a cock in my mouth. Being an adult sucks, having to "prioritize" and shit. (sense my sarcasm?) It's a horrible circle. Pay for an education so you... Continue Reading →

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